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php-session-serializer is a PHP library that provides methods that work like PHP's session_encode and session_decode functions, but don't mess with the $_SESSION superglobal.

It supports the php, php_binary, and php_serialize serialize handlers. wddx is not supported, since it is inferior to php and php_binary.


use Wikimedia;
// (optional) Send logs to a PSR-3 logger
PhpSesssionSerializer::setLogger( $logger )
// (optional) Ensure that session.serialize_handler is set to a usable value
// Encode session data
$string = PhpSesssionSerializer::encode( $array );
// Decode session data
$array = PhpSesssionSerializer::decode( $string );

Running tests

composer install --prefer-dist
composer test


This library was created to support custom session handler read and write methods that are more useful than blindly storing the serialized data that PHP gives to custom handlers.