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current master

  • I am working on new features to align with handlebars 4.0.4. Thanks for the new handlebars-spec. You may go to the v0.89-develop branch to check the progress.


  • align with handlebars.js 3.0.3
  • b194f37430 support {{{{rawblock}}}} ... {{{{/rawblock}}}} when FLAG_RAWBLOCK enabled
  • 927741a07c add prePartial() static method and prepartial compile option for extendibility
  • f9f41277d7 support private variable injection from handlebars custom block helpers
  • 850dcd7082 fix {{!-- --}} bug when it inside a partial
  • edb486ac87 fix support for nested raw block


  • align with handlebars.js 3.0.3
  • 1d1e8829cb fix {{foo bar=(tee_taa "hoo")}} parsing issue
  • 9bd994ee94 fix JavaScript function in runtime partial be changed bug
  • a514e4652e fix {{foo}} issue when foo is an empty ArrayObject


  • align with handlebars.js 3.0.3
  • 9f24268d57 support FLAG_BARE to remove PHP start/end tags
  • 60d5a46c55 handle object/propery merge when deal with partial
  • d0130bf7e5 support undefined {{helper undefined}}
  • 8d228606f7 support lcrun to use customized render library when compile()
  • d0bad115f0 remove tmp PHP file when prepare() now
  • d84bbb4519 support keeping tmp PHP file when prepare()
  • ee833ae2f8 fix syntax validator bug on {{helper "foo[]"}}
  • 30b891ab28 fix syntax validator bug on `{{helper 'foo[]'}}`
  • 1867f1cc37 now count subexpression usage correctly
  • 78ef9b8a89 new syntax validator on handlebars variable name


  • align with handlebars.js 3.0.0
  • 3d9a557af9 fix {{foo (bar ../abc)}} compile bug
  • 7dc16ac255 refine custom helper error detection logic
  • 72d32dc299 fix subexpression parsing bug inside {{#each}}
  • d1f1b93130 support context access inside a hbhelper by `$options['_this']`


  • align with handlebars.js 3.0.0
  • 5703851e49 fix `{{foo bar=['abc=123']}}parsing bug
  • 7b4e36a1e3 fix{{foo bar=["abc=123"]}}parsing bug
  • c710c8349b fix{{foo bar=(helper a b c)}}parsing bug
  • 4bda1c6f41 fix subexpression+builtin block helper (EX:{{if (foo bar)}}) parsing bug
  • 6fdba10fc6 fix{{foo ( bar) or " car" or ' cat' or [ cage]}}` pasing bug
  • 0cd5f2d5e2 fix indent issue when custom helper inside a partial
  • 296ea89267 support dynamic partial {{> (foo)}}
  • f491d04bd5 fix {{../foo}} look up inside root scope issue
  • 38fba8a5a5 fix scope issue for hbhelpers
  • a24a0473e2 change internal variable structure and fix for {{number}}
  • 7ae8289b7e fix escape in double quoted string bug
  • 90adb5531b fix {{if 0.0}} logic to behave as false
  • 004a6ddffe fix {{../foo}} double usage count bug
  • 9d55f12c5a fix subexpression parsing bug when line change inside it


  • align with handlebars.js 2.0.0
  • 7bcce4c1a7 support {{@last}} for {{#each}} on both object and array
  • b0c44c3b40 remove ending
    in lightncandy.php
  • e130875d5a support single quoted string input: `{{foo 'bar'}}
  • c603aa39d8 supportrenderex` to extend anything in render function
  • f063e5302c now render function debug constants works well in standalone mode
  • 53f6a6816d fix parsing bug when there is a = inside single quoted string
  • 2f16c0c393 now really autoload when installed with composer
  • c4da1f576c supports {{^myHelper}}


  • align with handlebars.js 2.0.0
  • 3b48a0acf7 fix parsing bug when FLAG_NOESCAPE enabled
  • 5c774b1b08 fix hbhelpers response error with options['fn'] when FLAG_BESTPERFORMANCE enabled
  • c60fe70bdb fix hbhelpers response error with options['inverse'] when FLAG_BESTPERFORMANCE enabled
  • e19b3e3426 provide options['root'] and options['_parent'] to hbhelpers
  • d8a288e83b refine variable parsing logic to support {{@../index}}, {{@../key}}, etc.


  • align with handlebars.js 2.0.0
  • 4f036aff62 better error message for named arguments
  • 0b462a387b support {{#with var}} ... {{else}} ... {{/with}}
  • 4ca624f651 fix 1 ANSI code error
  • 01ea3e9f42 support instances with PHP __call magic funciton
  • 38059036a7 support {{foo}} or {{#each foo}} on PHP Traversable instance
  • b61d7b4a81 align with handlebars.js standalone tags behavior
  • b211e1742e now render false as 'false'
  • 655a2485be fix bug for {{helper "==="}}
  • bb58669162 support FLAG_NOESCAPE


  • align with handlebars.js 2.0.0
  • 4c750806e8 fix for \ in template
  • 12ab6626d6 support escape. {foo}} will be rendered as is. ( handlebars spec , require FLAG_SLASH )
  • 876bd44d9c escape ` to ` ( require FLAG_JSQUOTE )
  • f1f388ed79 support {{^}} as {{else}} ( require FLAG_ELSE )
  • d5e17204b6 support {{#each}} == {{#each .}} now
  • 742126b440 fix {{>foo/bar}} partial not found bug
  • d62c261ff9 support numbers as helper input{{helper 0.1 -1.2}}
  • d40c76b84f support escape in string arguments{{helper "test \" double quote"}}`
  • ecb57a2348 fix for missing partial in partial bug
  • 1adad5dbfa fix {{#with}} error when FLAG_WITH not used
  • ffd5e35c2d fix error when rendering array value as {{.}} without FLAG_JSOBJECT
  • bd4987adbd support changing context on partial {{>foo bar}} ( require FLAG_RUNTIMEPARTIAL )
  • f5decaa7e3 support name sarguments on partial {{>foo bar name=tee}} . fix {{..}} bug
  • c20bb36457 support partials in options
  • e8779dbe8c change default basedir hehavior, stop partial files lookup when do not prodive basedir in options
  • c4e3401fe4 fix {{>"test"}} or {{>[test]}} or {{>1234}} bug
  • e59f62ea9b fix seciton behavior when input is object, and add one new flag: FLAG_MUSTACHESEC
  • 80eaf8e007 use static::method not self::method for subclass
  • 0bad5c8f20 fix usedFeature generation bugs


  • align with handlebars.js 2.0.0-alpha.4
  • fa6225f278 support boolen value in named arguments for cusotm helper
  • 160743e1c8 better error message when unmatch {{/foo}} tag detected
  • d9a9416907 support {{&foo}}
  • 8797485cfa fix {{^foo}} logic when foo is empty list
  • 523b1373c4 fix handlebars custom helper interface
  • a744a2d522 fix bad syntax when FLAG_RENDER_DEBUG + helpers
  • 0044f7bd10 change FLAG_THIS behavoir
  • b5b0739b68 support recursive context lookup now ( mustache spec , require FLAG_MUSTACHELOOKUP )
  • 096c241fce support standalone tag detection now ( mustache spec , require FLAG_MUSTACHESP )
  • cea46c9a67 support {{=<% %>=}} to set delimiter
  • 131696af11 support subexpression {{helper (helper2 foo) bar}}
  • 5184d41be6 support runtime/recursive partial ( require FLAG_RUNTIMEPARTIAL )
  • 6408917f76 support partial indent ( mustache spec , require FLAG_MUSTACHEPAIN )


  • align with handlebars.js 2.0.0-alpha.4
  • e5a8fe3833 fix issue #46 ( error with {{}} )
  • ea131512f9 fix issue #44 ( error with some helper inline function PHP code syntax )
  • 522591a0c6 fix issue #49 ( error with some helper user function PHP code syntax )
  • c4f7e1eaac support `{{}} lookup on instance foo then property/method bar ( flagd FLAG_PROPERTY or FLAG_METHOD required )
  • 0f4c0daa4b stop simulate Javascript output for array when pass input to custom helpers
  • 22d07e5f0f BIG CHANGE of custom helper interface


  • align with handlebars.js 2.0.0-alpha.2
  • 64db34cf65 support {{@first}} and {{@last}}
  • bfa1fbef97 add new flag FLAG_SPVARS
  • 10a4623dc1 remove json schema support
  • 240d9fa290 only export used LCRun2 functions when compile() with FLAG_STANDALONE now
  • 3fa897c98c rename LCRun2 to LCRun3 for interface changed, old none standalone templates will error with newer version
  • e0838c7418 now can output debug template map with ANSI color
  • 80dbeab63d fix php warning when compile with custom helper or block custom helper
  • 8ce6268b64 support Handlebars.js style custom helper


  • align with handlebars.js 2.0.0-alpha.2
  • a275d52c97 use php array, remove val()
  • 8834914c2a only export used custom helper into render function now
  • eb6d82d871 refine option flag consts
  • fc437295ed refine comments for phpdoc
  • fbf116c3e2 fix for tailing ; after helper functions
  • f47a2d5014 fix for wrong param when new Exception
  • 94e71ebcbd add isset() check for input value
  • a826b8a1ab support {{else}} in {{#each}} now
  • 25dac11bb7 support {{!-- comments --}} now (this handlebars.js extension allow }} apperas in the comments)
  • e142b6e116 support {{@root}} or {{}} now
  • 58c8d84aa2 custom helper can return extra flag to change html encoded behavior now


  • align with handlebars.js 2.0.0-alpha.1
  • 4c9f681080 file name changed: => lightncandy.php
  • e3de01081c some minor fix for json schema
  • 1feec458c7 new variable handling logic, save variable name parsing time when render() . rendering performance improved 10~30%!
  • 3fa897c98c rename LCRun to LCRun2 for interface changed, old none standalone templates will error with newer version
  • 43a6d33717 fix for {{../}} php warning message
  • 9189ebc1e4 now auto push documents from Travis CI
  • e077d0b631 support named arguments for custom helpers {{helper name=value}}
  • 2331b6fe55 support block custom helpers
  • 4fedaa25f7 support number value as named arguments
  • 6a91ab93d2 fix for default options and php warnings
  • fc157fde62 fix for doblue quoted arguments (issue #15)


  • align with handlebars.js 1.3
  • a55f2dd067 support both {{@index}} and {{@key}} when {{#each an_object}}
  • e59f931ea7 add FLAG_JSQUOTE support
  • 92b3cf58af report more than 1 error when compile()
  • 93cc121bcf test for wrong variable name format in test/error.php
  • 41c1b431b4 support advanced variable naming {{foo.[bar].10}} now
  • 15ce1a00a8 add FLAG_EXTHELPER option
  • f51337bde2 support space control {{~sometag}} or {{sometag~}}
  • fe3d67802e add FLAG_SPACECTL option
  • 920fbb3039 support custom helper
  • 07ae71a1bf migrate into Travis CI
  • ddd3335ff6 support "some string" argument
  • 20f6c888d7 html encode after custom helper executed
  • 10a2f45fdc add test generator
  • ccd1d3ddc2 migrate to Scrutinizer , change file name to LightnCandy.php
  • 5ac8ad8d04 now is a Composer package


  • align with handlebars.js 1.0.12
  • aaec049 fix partial in partial not works bug
  • 52706cc fix for {{#var}} and {{^var}} , now when var === 0 means true
  • 4f7f816 support {{@key}} and {{@index}} in {{#each var}}
  • 63aef2a prevent array_diff_key() PHP warning when {{#each}} on none array value
  • 10f3d73 add more is_array() check when {{#each}} and {{#var}}
  • 367247b fix {{if}} and {{#unless}} when value is an empty array
  • c76c0bb returns null if var is not exist in a template [contributed by]
  • d18bb6d add FLAG_ECHO support
  • aec2b2b fix {{if}} and {{#unless}} when value is an empty string
  • 8924604 fix variable output when false in an array
  • e82c324 fix for ifv and ifvar logic difference
  • 1e38e47 better logic on var name checking. now support {{0}} in the loop, but it is not handlebars.js standard


  • align with handlebarsjs 1.0.11
  • add
  • 777304c change compile format to include in val, isec, ifvar
  • 55de127 support {{../}} in {{#each}}
  • 57e90af fix parent levels detection bug
  • 96bb4d7 fix bugs for {{#.}} and {{#this}}
  • f4217d1 add ifv and unl 2 new methods for LCRun
  • 3f1014c fix {{#this}} and {{#.}} bug when used with {{../var}}
  • cbf0b28 fix {{if}} logic error when using {{../}}
  • 2b20ef8 fix {{#with}} + {{../}} bug
  • 540cd44 now support FLAG_STANDALONE
  • 67ac5ff support {{>partial}}
  • 98c7bb1 detect unclosed token now


  • align with handlebarsjs 1.0.11
  • 45ac3b6 fix #with bug when var is false
  • 1a46c2c minor #with logic fix. update document
  • fdc753b fix #each and section logic for 018-hb-withwith-006
  • e6cc95a add FLAG_PARENT, detect template error when scan()
  • 1980691 make new LCRun::val() method to normal path.val logic
  • 110d24f {{if path.var}} bug fixed
  • d6ae2e6 fix {{#with path.val}} when input value is null
  • 71cf074 fix for 020-hb-doteach testcase


  • 955aadf fix #each bug when input is a hash
  • final version for following handlebarsjs 1.0.7