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MobileFrontend Extension

The MobileFrontend extension adds a mobile view to your mediawiki instance.






Coding conventions

Please follow the coding conventions of MobileFrontend:

Git hooks

Git hooks are provided in the dev-scripts directory to assist with adhering to JavaScript code standards, optimizing PNG files, etc. Running these hooks requires node.js, NPM, and grunt.

Install like so:

make installhooks

If you are not running Vagrant, be sure to set your MEDIAWIKI_URL env variable to your local index path, e.g. 'MEDIAWIKI_URL=http://localhost/index.php/'


Commits are important as they give the reviewer more information to successfully review your code and find errors or potential problems you might not have thought of.

Commits are also useful when troubleshooting issues and refactoring. If it's not clear why a line of code is in the repository important bug fixes could be lost.

Commits should be as minor as possible. Please avoid removing unrelated console.log statements, fixing unrelated whitespace etc. do that in a separate commit which mentions the word cleanup.

First line commit should summarise the commit with bug it fixes if applicable. e.g. Fix problem with toggling see bug x. Second line should be blank. Third line should go into detail where necessary providing links to blog posts/other bugs to provide more background. Mention the platforms/browsers the change is for where necessary, e.g.:

  • 'this is a problem on Android but not OSX see http://<url></url> which explains problem in detail'
  • 'this is a workaround for a known bug in opera mobile see see http://<url></url>'


Unit tests

To run the full test suite run:

make tests

To run only PHP tests:

make phpunit

To run only JS tests:

make qunit

Selenium tests

For information on how to run Selenium tests please see README file in tests/browser directory.


A new version of MobileFrontend is released every two weeks. A developer needs to generate release notes and create a file with the title "RELEASE-NOTES-X.X.X.mediawiki" where "X.X.X" is the software version. Once a new release is due, the contents of the above file is moved to HISTORY.mediawiki and the file itself is deleted. Ideally, we need to create a bot similar to that reads a calendar and pings a developer on #wikimedia-mobile to remind them about a release.

Generating release notes

You can generate release notes by running (replace {branch name / commit SHA}):

make releasenotes from={branch name / commit SHA} to={branch name / commit SHA}

Which will output a list of commits between two branches or commit SHAs.


Adhere to when changing versions.

Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, increment the:

MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes, MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner, and PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes.

Configuration options


Whether or not to enable the use of the X-Analytics HTTP response header This header is used for analytics purposes.


Type: Boolean Default: false


ID of the App to deep link to replacing the browser. Set 'false' to have no such link.


Type: Boolean|String Default: false;


Scheme to use for the deep link. Per default, 'http' is used.

Type: String Default: 'http';


Options to control several functions of the mobile editor. Possible values:

  • 'anonymousEditing': Whether or not anonymous (not logged in) users should be able to edit. Note this is highly experimental and comes without any warranty and may introduce bugs until anonymous editing experience is addressed in this extension. Anonymous editing on mobile is still a big unknown. See bug 53069. Thoughts welcomed on
  • 'skipPreview': Should the mobile edit workflow contain an edit preview (before save) to give the user the possibility to review the new text resulting of his changes or not.

Type: Array Default: array( 'anonymousEditing' => true, 'skipPreview' => false, );


Disable EventLogging bucketing for purposes of development. When enabled all events are logged regardless of any existing sampling rate specified in the schema.

Type: Boolean Default: false;


A list of experiments active on the skin.

Type: Array Default: array( // Experiment to prompts users to opt into the beta experience of the skin. 'betaoptin' => array( 'name' => 'betaoptin', 'enabled' => false, 'buckets' => array( 'control' => 0.97, 'A' => 0.03, ), ), );


Controls whether the "Minerva as a desktop skin" beta feature is enabled

Type: Boolean Default: false;


Controls whether a message should be logged to the console to attempt to recruit volunteers.

Type: Boolean Default: false;


Whether or not the banner experiment is enabled.


Type: Boolean Default: true;


This is a list of html tags, that could be recognized as the first heading of a page. This is an interim solution to fix Bug T110436 and shouldn't be used, if you don't know, what you do. Moreover, this configuration variable will be removed in the near future (hopefully).

Type: Array Default: array( 'h1', 'h2', 'h3', 'h4', 'h5', 'h6' );


If set to true, main page HTML will receive special massaging that removes everything but a few select pieces.

Type: Boolean Default: true;


Controls whether site notices should be shown.

Type: Boolean Default: false;


Controls whether API action=mobileview should have every HTML section tidied for invalid markup

Type: Boolean Default: true;


Requests containing header with this name will be considered as coming from mobile devices. The default value is for backwards compatibility. Set to false to explicitly disable this way of detection.

Type: String Default: 'X-WAP';


Make the classes, tags and ids stripped from page content configurable. Each item will be stripped from the page.

Type: Array Default: array( // These rules will be used for all transformations in the beta channel of the site 'beta' => array(), // These rules will be used for all transformations 'base' => array(), );


Do load images in pages lazily. Currently it doesn't affect HTML-only clients (only JS capable ones) and it lazy loads images when they come close to the viewport.

Type: Array Default: array( // These will enable lazy loading images in beta mode 'beta' => false, // These will enable lazy loading images in all modes 'base' => false, );


DB key of the category which members will never display mobile view

Type: Boolean Default: false;


Prefixed names of pages that will never display mobile view

Type: Array Default: array();


The range in meters that should be searched to find nearby pages on Special:Nearby (defaults to 10km).

Type: Integer Default: 10000;


Whether geodata related functionality should be enabled

Type: Boolean Default: false;


An optional alternative api to query for nearby pages e.g.

If set forces nearby to operate in JSONP mode

Type: String Default: '';


Define a set of params that should be passed in every gateway query.

Type: Array Default: array( // 'ppprop' => 'displaytitle', );


Define a set of page props that should be associated with requests for pages via the API.

Type: Array Default: array( 'pageprops', );


Define the generator that should be used for mobile search.

Type: Array Default: array( 'name' => 'prefixsearch', 'prefix' => 'ps', );


Pages with smaller parsed HTML size are not cached Set to 0 to cache everything or to some large value to disable caching completely

Type: Integer Default: 64 * 1024;


Set this to true to automatically show mobile view depending on people's user-agent. WARNING: Make sure that your caching infrastructure is configured appropriately, to avoid people receiving cached versions of pages intended for someone else's devices.

Type: Boolean Default: false;


Set this to true, if you want to send User-Agent in the Vary header. This could improve your SEO ranking. WARNING: You should set this to true only, if you know what you're doing! CAUTION: Setting this to true in combination with a (frontend)caching layer (such as Varnish) can have a huge impact on how your caching works, as it now caches every single page multiple times for any possible/different User Agent string!

Type: Boolean Default: false;


Controls whether tablets should be shown the mobile site. Works only if $wgMFAutodetectMobileView is true.

Type: Boolean Default: true;


Devices with available screen of this value and less will have some styles adapted for improved reading on small screens.

Type: Integer Default: 280;


Minimum available screen width at which a device can be considered a tablet/desktop

Type: Integer Default: 768;


Template for mobile URLs.

This will be used to transcode regular URLs into mobile URLs for the mobile view.

It's possible to specify the 'mobileness' of the URL in the host portion of the URL.

You can either statically or dynamically create the host-portion of your mobile URL. To statically create it, just set $wgMobileUrlTemplate to the static hostname. For example: $wgMobileUrlTemplate = "";

Alternatively, the host definition can include placeholders for different parts of the 'host' section of a URL. The placeholders are denoted by 'h' and followed with a digit that maps to the position of a host-part of the original, non-mobile URL. Take the host '' for example. 'h0' maps to 'en', 'h1' maps to 'wikipedia', and 'h2' maps to 'org'. So, if you wanted a mobile URL scheme that turned "" into "", your URL template would look like: h0.m.h1.h2

Type: String Default: '';


The number of seconds the 'useformat' cookie should be valid

The useformat cookie gets set when a user manually elects to view either the mobile or desktop view of the site.

If this value is not set, it will default to $wgCookieExpiration

Type: Ineteger|null Default: null;


Set to false to allow search engines to index your mobile pages. So far, Google seems to mix mobile and non-mobile pages in its search results, creating confusion.

Type: Boolean Default: true;


Set the domain of the stopMobileRedirect cookie

If this value is not set, it will default to the top domain of the host name (eg = If you want to set this to a top domain (to cover all subdomains), be sure to include the preceding '.' (eg NOT

Type: String|null Deafult: null;


Make the logos configurable.

Currently, 'copyright', 'copyright-width', and 'copyright-height' elements are supported. 'copyright' is the URL of the logo displayed in the footer 'copyright-width' (optional) is the width in pixels of the copyright image you want to display 'copyright-height' (optional) is the height in pixels of the copyright image you want to display If the actual 'copyright' dimensions are 200x30, then you may want to set the width and height to 100 and 15 respectively (in order to support retina screens).

Example: array( 'copyright' => '/images/mysite_copyright_logo.png', 'copyright-width' => 100, 'copyright-height' => 15, );

Type: Array Default: array();


Path to the logo used in the login/signup form The standard height is 72px FIXME: Merge with $wgMFCustomLogos

Type: Boolean Deafult: false;


Whether to append a trademark notice to the sitename in the page footer.

If set to true or 'unregistered', adds a ™ to the sitename. If set to 'registered' adds a ® to the sitename. If set to false, adds nothing (the default).

You can also edit the 'mobile-frontend-footer-sitename' message directly.

Type: Boolean Default: false;


Name of the class used for mobile device detection, must be inherited from IDeviceDetector.

Type: String Default: 'DeviceDetection';


Whether beta mode is enabled

Type: Boolean Default: false;


Optional string to mobile friendly url for donation page.

Type: Boolean Default: false;


The content namespace(s) that Special:Nearby and Special:Random should use. Should be one or more of NS_* constants, pipe-separated.

Type: Integer|string Default: NS_MAIN;


The default skin for MobileFrontend Defaults to SkinMinerva

Type: String Default: 'SkinMinerva';


Controls, which page action show and which not. Allowed: edit, talk, upload, watch

Type: Array Default: array( 'edit', 'talk', 'upload', 'watch' );


In which namespaces sections shoudn't be collapsed

Type: Array Default: array( // Authorship and licensing information should be visible initially NS_FILE, // Otherwise category contents will be hidden NS_CATEGORY, // Don't collapse various forms NS_SPECIAL, // Just don't NS_MEDIA, );


Controls whether to collapse sections by default.

Leave at default true for "encyclopedia style", where the section 0 lead text will always be visible and subsequent sections may be collapsed by default.

Set to false for "dictionary style", sections are not collapsed.

Type: Boolean Default: true;


The wiki id/dbname for where photos are uploaded, if photos are uploaded to a wiki other than the local wiki (eg commonswiki).

Type: String|null Default: null;


An api to which any photos should be uploaded e.g. $wgMFPhotoUploadEndpoint = ''; Defaults to the current wiki

Type: String Default: '';


Set the minimum edits the user needs before they can upload images in mobile mode

Type: Integer Default: 0;


If set to true and running beta, will add Wikidata description to page JS as wgMFDescription variable

Type: Boolean Default: false;


If set to true wikidata descriptions will be displayed in UI elements such as search, nearby and watchlist.

Type: Boolean Default: false;


Define the property that holds a string representing a category on $wgMFPhotoUploadEndpoint

Type: String Default: '';