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SRFOutline Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getName ()
 printItem ($item)
 printTree ($outline_tree, $level=0)
 getParamDefinitions (array $definitions)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMW\ResultPrinter
 __construct ($format, $inline=true, $useValidator=false)
 getQueryMode ($context)
 getName ()
 setShowErrors ($show)
 getParameters ()
 getParamDefinitions (array $definitions)
 getNamedParameters (array $definitions=array())
 isExportFormat ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ContextSource
 getContext ()
 setContext (IContextSource $context)
 getConfig ()
 getRequest ()
 getTitle ()
 canUseWikiPage ()
 getWikiPage ()
 getOutput ()
 getUser ()
 getLanguage ()
 getSkin ()
 getTiming ()
 getStats ()
 msg ()
 exportSession ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMW\QueryResultPrinter
 getResult (QueryResult $results, array $fullParams, $outputMode)

Protected Member Functions

 handleParameters (array $params, $outputmode)
 getResultText (SMWQueryResult $res, $outputmode)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SMW\ResultPrinter
 getResultText (SMWQueryResult $res, $outputMode)
 buildResult (SMWQueryResult $results)
 handleParameters (array $params, $outputMode)
 postProcessParameters ()
 getLinker ($firstcol=false)
 getFurtherResultsLink (SMWQueryResult $res, $outputMode)
 getErrorString (SMWQueryResult $res)
 escapeText ($text, $outputmode)
 getSearchLabel ($outputmode)
 linkFurtherResults (SMWQueryResult $results)
 addError ($errorMessage)
 textDisplayParameters ()
 exportFormatParameters ()

Protected Attributes

 $mOutlineProperties = []
 $mInnerFormat = ''
- Protected Attributes inherited from SMW\ResultPrinter
 $mIntro = ''
 $mOutro = ''
 $mSearchlabel = null
 $mDefault = ''
 $mShowHeaders = SMW_HEADERS_SHOW
 $mShowErrors = true
 $mErrors = array()
 $isHTML = false
 $hasTemplates = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from SMW\ResultPrinter
static $maxRecursionDepth = 2

Member Function Documentation

SRFOutline::getName ( )

Get a human readable label for this printer. The default is to return just the format identifier. Concrete implementations may refer to messages here. The format name is normally not used in wiki text but only in forms etc. hence the user language should be used when retrieving messages.


Implements SMW\QueryResultPrinter.

SRFOutline::getParamDefinitions ( array  $definitions)
See Also
$definitionsarray of IParamDefinition
array of IParamDefinition|array

Implements SMW\QueryResultPrinter.

SRFOutline::printItem (   $item)

Code mostly copied from SMW's SMWListResultPrinter::getResultText()

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