BlueSpice MediaWiki REL1_27
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Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.1

Released on July 12th, 2016.

Bug fixes

  • #1328 Fixed a "Undefined index: language" error in #smwdoc parser function
  • #1713 Fixed a "Segmentation fault" when QueryResultDependencyListResolver tries to resolve a category/property hierarchy with a circular reference
  • #1715 Fixed decoding of a single quotation mark in DisplayTitlePropertyAnnotator
  • #1724 Fixed a possible InvalidArgumentException in connection with SMW_DV_PVUC by updating the CachedPropertyValuesPrefetcher version number
  • #1726 Allows QueryDependencyLinksStore to execute getDependencyListByLateRetrieval even in cases of an intial empty list
  • #1727 Fixed an issue when property names contain < or > symbols
  • #1728 Fixed fatal error in Special:SearchByProperty on when the property name contains invalid characters
  • #1731 Fixed possible error in the SkinAfterContent hook when a null object is used