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PublishStashedFileJob Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (Title $title, array $params)
 run ()
 getDeduplicationInfo ()
 allowRetries ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Job
 run ()
 __construct ($command, $title, $params=false)
 getType ()
 getTitle ()
 getParams ()
 getReleaseTimestamp ()
 getQueuedTimestamp ()
 getRequestId ()
 getReadyTimestamp ()
 ignoreDuplicates ()
 allowRetries ()
 workItemCount ()
 getDeduplicationInfo ()
 getRootJobParams ()
 hasRootJobParams ()
 isRootJob ()
 teardown ()
 insert ()
 toString ()
 getLastError ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Job
static factory ($command, Title $title, $params=[])
static batchInsert ($jobs)
static newRootJobParams ($key)
- Public Attributes inherited from Job
 $metadata = []
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Job
 addTeardownCallback ($callback)
 setLastError ($error)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Job
 $teardownCallbacks = []

Detailed Description

Upload a file from the upload stash into the local file repo.

Member Function Documentation

PublishStashedFileJob::getDeduplicationInfo ( )

Subclasses may need to override this to make duplication detection work. The resulting map conveys everything that makes the job unique. This is only checked if ignoreDuplicates() returns true, meaning that duplicate jobs are supposed to be ignored.

array Map of key/values

Implements IJobSpecification.

PublishStashedFileJob::run ( )


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