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SMWErrorValue Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($typeid, $errormsg= '', $uservalue= '', $caption=false)
 getShortWikiText ($linked=null)
 getShortHTMLText ($linker=null)
 getLongWikiText ($linked=null)
 getLongHTMLText ($linker=null)
 getWikiValue ()
 isValid ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMWDataValue
 __construct ($typeid)
 setUserValue ($value, $caption=false, $approximateValue=false)
 setDataItem (SMWDataItem $dataItem)
 setProperty (SMWDIProperty $property)
 getProperty ()
 setContextPage (SMWDIWikiPage $contextPage=null)
 getContextPage ()
 setOptions (Options $options)
 setOption ($key, $value)
 getOptionValueFor ($key)
 isEnabledFeature ($feature)
 setCaption ($caption)
 getCaption ()
 getPreferredCaption ()
 addInfolink (SMWInfolink $link)
 setOutputFormat ($formatString)
 getOutputFormat ()
 addError ($error)
 addErrorMsg ($parameters, $type=null, $language=null)
 clearErrors ()
 getQueryDescription ($value)
 getDataValueFormatter ()
 getPropertySpecificationLookup ()
 getDataItem ()
 __toString ()
 getShortWikiText ($linked=null)
 getShortHTMLText ($linker=null)
 getLongWikiText ($linked=null)
 getLongHTMLText ($linker=null)
 getShortText ($outputformat, $linker=null)
 getLongText ($outputformat, $linker=null)
 getInfolinkText ($outputformat, $linker=null)
 getWikiValue ()
 getTypeID ()
 disableServiceLinks ()
 getInfolinks ()
 getHash ()
 isNumeric ()
 isValid ()
 canUse ()
 setExtraneousFunctions (array $extraneousFunctions)
 getExtraneousFunctionFor ($name, array $parameters=array())
 getErrorText ()
 getErrors ()

Protected Member Functions

 parseUserValue ($value)
 loadDataItem (SMWDataItem $dataItem)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SMWDataValue
 parseUserValue ($value)
 loadDataItem (SMWDataItem $dataItem)
 getServiceLinkParams ()
 checkAllowedValues ()
 convertDoubleWidth ($value)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SMWDataValue
static prepareValue (&$value, &$comparator)
- Public Attributes inherited from SMWDataValue
const OPT_USER_LANGUAGE = 'user.language'
const OPT_CONTENT_LANGUAGE = 'content.language'
- Protected Attributes inherited from SMWDataValue
 $m_property = null
 $m_contextPage = null
 $m_outformat = false
 $approximateValue = false

Detailed Description

This datavalue implements error datavalues, a kind of pseudo data value that is used in places where a data value is expected but no more meaningful value could be created. It is always invalid and never gets stored or exported, but it can help to transport an error message.

SMWDataValue will return a data item of type SMWDIError for invalid data values. Hence this is the DI type of this DV, even if not mentioned in this file.
Markus Krötzsch

Member Function Documentation

SMWErrorValue::loadDataItem ( SMWDataItem  $dataItem)
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