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Semantic MediaWiki 2.1

Released on January 19th, 2015.


Support for semantic queries in Special:Search

This release adds support for semantic queries run directly from MediaWiki's standard search. You can enable this feature by setting $wgSearchType to "SMWSearch". The related configuration parameter ``$smwgFallbackSearchType`` allows specifying which search engine to fall back to in case "SMWSearch" returns no results. (#450, #496, #505)

SPARQLStore improvements

The SPARQLStore now supports concept queries (#696) and regex like queries ([[Url::~http://*query=*]] OR [[Url::~*ccc*]]) for Page and URL values (#679).

Notable performance improvements and many other fixes (can be found in the bug fix list) have been made to broaden the SPARQLStore support.

Enhanced platform support

SMW has partially supported PostgreSQL for a long time. This new release brings SMW's PostgreSQL support to the same level as MySQL and SQLite, making it the third fully supported relational database.

HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine) 3.3 or above is now supported along with all previously supported PHP versions.

Although earlier versions of SMW probably work with MediaWiki 1.24, this new release officially supports it.

New features

  • #546 Concepts can now be nested (bug 15316)
  • #537 Modernized `Special:SearchByProperty` interface
  • #613 Added subobject parameter to the BrowseBySubject API module and imporved resolving of circular redirects
  • #620 Added --page as export option to the `dumpRDF.php` maintenance script
  • #633 Made ouput decoding for uri's human readable (bug 35452)
  • #643 Added --runtime option to `rebuildData.php`. It allows you to see how much time was spend and how much memory was used.
  • #659 Added ``$smwgEnabledEditPageHelp`` option that enables showing a contextual help text on the edit page
  • #664 Enabled semicolon escaping for record-type values (\;) (bug T17732)
  • #672 Added Special:Log support for events enabled in smwgLogEventTypes

Bug fixes

  • #500 Fixed the SPAPRQLStore to return a FalseCondition instead of an exception for not supported data types (e.g Geo)
  • #520 Fixed the SPAPRQLStore query selection for subobjects used with a namespace condition
  • #543 Removes invalid category value links to SearchByProperty on Special:Browse (bug 33449)
  • #537 Fixed parameter encoding in Special:SearchByProperty for hyphens and spaces (bug 16150)
  • #554 Enhanced concept pages to provide time and date of the last update
  • #566 Fixed the SPARQLStore query result display for moved pages (a.k.a. "gost" pages)
  • #601 Fixed movability for predefined property pages
  • #615 Fixed data display inconsistency for pre-existing redirects
  • #617 Fixed circular UpdateJob caused by redirects
  • #619 Fixed exception in dumpRDF.php caused by resolving a subobject for a redirect
  • #622 Fixed cache id mismatch for redirects in SQLStore
  • #622 Fixed exception for when a null is returned by ExportController::getSemanticData
  • #627 Enhanced SPARQLStore XML result parser to support Virtuoso singelton response
  • #618 Fixed subobject disjunctive/conjunctive subquery handling
  • #628 Fixed named subobject encoding in the Exporter to support accented characters
  • #630 Fixed browse link generation for wikipages in Special:Browse
  • #638 Fixed the hard-coded upper bound for the offset option of an inline query by replacing it with configuration parameter ```$smwgQUpperbound```
  • #638 Fixed postgres temporary table generation issue (bug 34855, #455, #462)
  • #640 Fixed QueryProcessor to allow query conditions to contain = (bug 32955)
  • #641 Removes service info links from the Factbox
  • #654 Fixed broken field detection in record-type caused by html encoded strings (bug T23926)
  • #656 Fixed #REDIRECT detection in MW 1.24+
  • #661 Fixed regex search (~/!) for page-type property values (bug T36665, T49073, T33151, T35854)
  • #674 Fixed regex search support for uri-type property values
  • #683 Fixed invalid :smw-redi marker when #REDIRECT is removed manually
  • #694 Fixed probable race condition for SQLStore(postgres) when creating temporary tables
  • #702 Fixed http header in SPARQLStore to be Sesame complaint

Internal changes

  • #486 Added continuous integration support for for Jena Fuseki 1.1.1
  • #487, #576, #600 Added an internal cache to improve SPARQLStore redirect and export lookup performance
  • #512, #521 Added benchmark tests for different components such as job-queue, maintenance script, queries etc.
  • #523 Disabled the Factbox display for a delete action and re-enable the Factbox for an undeleted page
  • #532 Added UrlEncoder to recognize all special characters when creating a manual link to Special:Browse
  • #534 Added a value hash to SQLStore::fetchSemanticData to ensure that only distinct values are displayed
  • #557 Added SMW::Store::BeforeQueryResultLookupComplete and SMW::Store::AfterQueryResultLookupComplete hook
  • #590, #596 Added CompoundConditionBuilder and ConditionBuilderStrategyFinder to the SPARQLStore
  • #645 Added RedirectInfoStore to isolate access to redirect information and cache info requests
  • #646 Improved error message handling for the _num data type
  • #665 Replaced arbitrary DB access in Store::updateData with PageUpdater::doPurgeParserCache
  • #667 Added Database::beginTransaction and Database::commitTransaction
  • #670 Added SMW::SQLStore::BeforeChangeTitleComplete hook
  • #673 Extended DataValueFactory to ignore $wgCapitalLinks settings for the property namespace
  • #678 Added PropertyRegistry to remove global state from DIProperty
  • #668 Changed SQLStore iw table field specification from VARCHAR(32) binary to VARBINARY(32)
  • #707 Added continuous integration support for openrdf-sesame 2.7.14