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TypeResolver and FqsenResolver

The specification on types in DocBlocks (PSR-5) describes various keywords and special constructs but also how to statically resolve the partial name of a Class into a Fully Qualified Class Name (FQCN).

PSR-5 also introduces an additional way to describe deeper elements than Classes, Interfaces and Traits called the Fully Qualified Structural Element Name (FQSEN). Using this it is possible to refer to methods, properties and class constants but also functions and global constants.

This package provides two Resolvers that are capable of

  1. Returning a series of Value Object for given expression while resolving any partial class names, and
  2. Returning an FQSEN object after resolving any partial Structural Element Names into Fully Qualified Structural Element names.


The easiest way to install this library is with Composer using the following command:

$ composer require phpdocumentor/type-resolver


Ready to dive in and don't want to read through all that text below? Just consult the [examples](examples) folder and check which type of action that your want to accomplish.

On Types and Element Names

This component can be used in one of two ways

  1. To resolve a Type or
  2. To resolve a Fully Qualified Structural Element Name

The big difference between these two is in the number of things it can resolve.

The TypeResolver can resolve:

  • a php primitive or pseudo-primitive such as a string or void (`