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Semantic MediaWiki 2.2

Released on May 9th, 2015.

New features

  • #770 Added the --no-cache option to rebuildData.php and the --debug option to rebuildData.php and rebuildConceptCache.php (refs #749, #766)
  • #756 Added template support to the #set parser function
  • #783 Added support for wgCategoryCollation setting in CategoryResultPrinter (#699, T40853)
  • #829 Added the --report-runtime option to rebuildConceptCache.php
  • #886 Extended rules on how an ImportValue need to contain a valid type definition
  • #891 Enforced strict type declaration for properties with import references (type of the imported reference takes precedence over any user-defined type declaration)
  • #892 Added support for <swivt:file> in order for a RDF export to point to a "real" file resource
  • #893 Added information about "improper value for" to the statistics overview and as API parameter (&errorcount)
  • #913 Fixed exception for usage of Has subobject as free annotation
  • #914 Added restriction for "manual" annotation use to some pre-defined properties (e.g. Has subobject, Has query)
  • #974 Added named args as parameter to CategoryResultPrinter
  • #988 Added sep as parameter to the TableResultPrinter to define a separator for cell values


  • #958 Replaced defunct SMWRegsitry wiki registration on Special:SMWAdmin with a link to WikiApiary
  • #976 Reduced the number of pages on which SMW JavaScript and CSS is loaded
  • #994, #995 Made small performance improvements

Bug fixes

  • #556 Fixed Missing parentheses in SQL for disjunctions when temporary tables are not used by the SQLStore
  • #764 Fixed DB error when a #ask query contains order=random for a sqlite or postgres DB platform (disabled smwgQRandSortingSupport for postgres)
  • #860 Fixed escape character usage in SPARQLStore, SQLStore
  • #860 Fixed handling of an empty result send by the SPARQLStore Sesame connector
  • #861 Fixed owl property export declaration
  • #863 Fixed missing interwiki encoding for the RDF export
  • #864 Fixed empty searchlabel raw wikitext display for a QueryResultPrinter with limit=0
  • #869 Fixed data update when moving a page to a non-enabled semantic namespace
  • #870 Fixed #set where an error from a previous parse call could have affected succeeding #set error messages
  • #882 Fixed exception in SMWExportController caused by an empty property reference
  • #884 Fixed fetching of import vocabularies to be language independent
  • #887 Fixed pre element rendering for the template "furtherresult" output link
  • #896 Fixed empty caption for false when using the<tt>::x format option
  • #928 Fixed exception in SMWExportController for use of &stats option
  • #945 Fixed nesting of self-referenced concepts in a concept query
  • #974 Fixed inconsistency when using headers=plain in CategoryResultPrinter also fixed the __NOTOC__ hack

Internal changes

  • #373 Update jquery.jstorage.js (0.3.2 => 0.4.12)
  • #494 Changes to the SQLStore\QueryEngine interface
  • #711 Fetching annotations made by an #ask transcluded template
  • #725 Moved psr-4 complaint classes into the top level 'src' folder
  • #740 Added serialization/serialization:~3.2 component dependency
  • #771 Added doctrine/dbal:~2.5 component dependency
  • #772 Added onoi/message-reporter:~1.0 component dependency
  • #777 Moved all concept related code into a separate ConceptCache class
  • #831 Added onoi/cache:~1.0 component dependency
  • #884, #983 Added ControlledVocabularyImportContentFetcher, ImportValueParser to isolate import vocabulary parsing from the ImportValue object
  • #883 Added CircularReferenceGuard to monitor possible self/circular references in ask templates
  • #914 Added DIProperty::isUnrestrictedForUse
  • #924 Added onoi/event-dispatcher:~1.0 component dependency
  • #929 Added serialization to ExpElement objects
  • #950 Renamed PropertyTypeDiffFinder to PropertySpecDiffFinder
  • #951 Extended UpdateDispatcherJob to create UpdateJob chunks to avoid memory exhaustion
  • #959 Added ExpDataSerializer and ExpDataDeserializer
  • #984 Moved remaining part of SMWSQLStore3QueryEngine to SMW\SQLStore\QueryEngine\QueryEngine