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SMWDIString Class Reference
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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from SMWDIBlob
 __construct ($string)
 getDIType ()
 getString ()
 getSortKey ()
 getSortKeyDataItem ()
 getSerialization ()
 equals (SMWDataItem $di)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMWDataItem
 getDIType ()
 getSortKey ()
 equals (SMWDataItem $di)
 getSortKeyDataItem ()
 getSerialization ()
 getHash ()
 __toString ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SMWDIBlob
static doUnserialize ($serialization)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SMWDataItem
static newFromSerialization ($diType, $serialization)
static getDataItemClassNameForId ($diType)
- Public Attributes inherited from SMWDataItem
const TYPE_NOTYPE = 0
 Data item ID that can be used to indicate that no data item class is appropriate.
const TYPE_NUMBER = 1
 Data item ID for SMWDINumber.
const TYPE_STRING = 2
const TYPE_BLOB = 2
 Data item ID for SMWDIBlob.
const TYPE_BOOLEAN = 4
 Data item ID for SMWDIBoolean.
const TYPE_URI = 5
 Data item ID for SMWDIUri.
const TYPE_TIME = 6
 Data item ID for SMWDITimePoint.
const TYPE_GEO = 7
 Data item ID for SMWDIGeoCoord.
 Data item ID for SMWDIContainer.
 Data item ID for SMWDIWikiPage.
const TYPE_CONCEPT = 10
 Data item ID for SMWDIConcept.
const TYPE_PROPERTY = 11
 Data item ID for SMWDIProperty.
const TYPE_ERROR = 12
 Data item ID for SMWDIError.
- Protected Attributes inherited from SMWDIBlob

Detailed Description

This class is an alias for SMWDIBlob, kept for compatibility.

Will be removed after SMW 1.9; use SMWDIBlob instead
Markus Krötzsch

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