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  • deprecated the ProcessBuilder class
  • deprecated calling Process::start() without setting a valid working directory beforehand (via setWorkingDirectory() or constructor)


  • added command line arrays in the Process class
  • added $env argument to Process::start(), run(), mustRun() and restart() methods
  • deprecated the ProcessUtils::escapeArgument() method
  • deprecated not inheriting environment variables
  • deprecated configuring proc_open() options
  • deprecated configuring enhanced Windows compatibility
  • deprecated configuring enhanced sigchild compatibility


  • added support for PTY mode
  • added the convenience method "mustRun"
  • deprecation: Process::setStdin() is deprecated in favor of Process::setInput()
  • deprecation: Process::getStdin() is deprecated in favor of Process::getInput()
  • deprecation: Process::setInput() and ProcessBuilder::setInput() do not accept non-scalar types


  • added the ability to define an idle timeout


  • added ProcessUtils::escapeArgument() to fix the bug in escapeshellarg() function on Windows
  • added Process::signal()
  • added Process::getPid()
  • added support for a TTY mode


  • added ProcessBuilder::setArguments() to reset the arguments on a builder
  • added a way to retrieve the standard and error output incrementally
  • added Process:restart()


  • added support for non-blocking processes (start(), wait(), isRunning(), stop())
  • enhanced Windows compatibility
  • added Process::getExitCodeText() that returns a string representation for the exit code returned by the process
  • added ProcessBuilder