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Properties that are planned to be included need to be specified in the `LocalSettings.php` file using the `$GLOBALS['sespSpecialProperties']array. By default the array is empty, i.e. no special property is being annotated to a page. ``php $GLOBALS['sespSpecialProperties'] = array( '_EUSER', '_CUSER', ... ); ```


Property identifiers (see `definitions.json` ) are used to specify which of the properties are enabled. An identifier is an internal ID which is not to be used during user interaction (e.g. handling in #ask queries) instead the property label should be used as reference.


Property labels differ according to the language the wiki was set up. An easy way to identify those used labels is to navigate to the "Special:Properies" page that lists all available properties including properties provided by this extension.

Property labels are displayed in accordance with the maintained content language. Message keys and labels are retrieved from cache where in case message content is altered (definitions.json or message file), the cache will automatically be purged. Changing the default cache type can be achieved by modifying the `$sespCacheType` customizing.


  • _EUSER adds a property with all users that edited this page (expensive; use with care)
  • _CUSER adds a property with the user that created this page
  • _REVID adds a property with current revision ID
  • _PAGEID adds a property with the page ID
  • _PAGELGTH adds a property with the page length (in bytes)
  • _NREV adds a property showing an estimated number of total revisions of a page
  • _NTREV same as _NREV but for the talk page, i.e. showing how much discussion is going on around this page
  • _SUBP adds a property with all subpages
  • _USERREG adds a property to user pages with the users registration date
  • _USEREDITCNT add a property to user pages with the users edit count
  • _EXIFDATA adds properties based on image metadata (Exif data), when available and in case it is a NS_FILE namespace object data are stored as a subobject. Details on available Exif data can be found here.

Properties with further dependencies

  • _SHORTURL adds short URL if the ShortUrl extension is installed, and there is a shortened URL for the current page
  • _VIEWS adds a property with number of page views if the HitCounters extension is installed. This is required starting with MediaWiki 1.25 and later. In earlier versions of MediaWiki this special property used to work out of the box if enabled. Note that depending on local settings this value might not be very up to date. If `$wgDisableCounters` is set to "true" this property will never be set.

Depreciated properties

  • _MIMETYPE add MIME type in case the article object is in the NS_FILE namespace. Please use Semantic MediaWiki's (≥ 1.9.1) MIME type instead.
  • _MEDIATYPE add media type in case the article object is in the NS_FILE namespace. Please use Semantic MediaWiki's (≥ 1.9.1) Media type instead.

These properties may be removed in any further release of this extension.

Additional configuration

Fixed tables

Setting $sespUseAsFixedTables to "true" enables to setup properties as fixed properties in order to improve data access. Doing so is recommended. Note that you have to run the `update.php` from your wiki's base directory after setting this parameter for the required tables to be created.

Running the data refresh afterwards is recommended as well and should be done every time a special property is added to the $sespSpecialProperties array.

Bot edits

Setting $wgSESPExcludeBots to "true" causes bot edits via user accounts in usergroup "bot" to be ignored when storing data for the special properties activated. However this does not affect the page creator property (_CUSER).

Property definitions

Details about available properties can be found in the definitions.json. The file also contains information about the visibility (display in the Factbox etc.) of a property, to alter the characterisctics of non-subobject related properties one can set show to true for each definition.


Please note that users that are otherwise hidden to some usergroup might be revealed by this extension, as the _EUSER property will list all authors for everyone.

The Exchangeable image file format (and thereof its Exif tags) can contain metadata about a location which can pose a privacy issue.