BlueSpice MediaWiki REL1_27
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Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.2

Released on November 12nd, 2016.

Bug fixes

  • #1829 Only have the DisplayTitlePropertyAnnotator create an annotation in case SMW_DV_WPV_DTITLE is enabled
  • #1883 Avoid mismatch in case hasSubSemanticData has been overridden as by Sql3StubSemanticData
  • #1885 Fixed postgres bytea escape/unescape on blob fields
  • #1887 Moved Hooks:CanonicalNamespaces to an earlier execution point
  • #1897 Work around deprecated/removed DatabaseBase::getSearchEngine
  • #1901 Make enableSemantics call NamespaceManager
  • #1911 Improve compatibility with MediaWiki 1.28+