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ViewWhoIsOnlineItemWidget Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 execute ($params=false)
 setUserName ($sUserName)
 setUserDisplayName ($sUserDisplayName)
 setUser ($oUser)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ViewBaseElement
 __construct ()
 __toString ()
 setAutoElement ($elm= 'div')
 setAutoWrap ($wrap)
 setId ($id)
 getId ()
 setTemplate ($template)
 setTemplateFile ($path)
 getTemplate ()
 setOption ($key, $value)
 setOptions ($aOptions)
 getOption ($key)
 addData (array $dataSet)
 addCompleteDataset (array $dataSet)
 addItem ($item, $key=false)
 hasItems ()
 execute ($params=false)

Protected Attributes

 $sUserName = ''
 $sUserDisplayName = ''
 $oUser = null
- Protected Attributes inherited from ViewBaseElement
 $_mAutoElement = 'div'
 $_mData = array()
 $_mId = null
 $_mItems = array()
 $_mTemplate = ''
 $_mAutoWrap = false
 $_mPresentDataset = null
 $mI18N = null
 $mOptions = array()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ViewBaseElement
 processData ($dataSet)
 processItem ($matches)
 getAutoElementOpener ()
 getAutoElementCloser ()
 renderLink ($options=array(), $content)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ViewBaseElement
static getAutoId ()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ViewBaseElement
static $_prAutoId = 0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ViewWhoIsOnlineItemWidget::__construct ( )


Member Function Documentation

ViewWhoIsOnlineItemWidget::execute (   $params = false)

This method actually generates the output

array$paramsList of parameters
string HTML output
ViewWhoIsOnlineItemWidget::setUserDisplayName (   $sUserDisplayName)

Setter for $sUserDisplayName.

string$sUserDisplayNameDisplay name of the user. Used as link description.
ViewWhoIsOnlineItemWidget::setUserName (   $sUserName)

Setter for $sUserName.

string$sUserNameName of the user. Used directly to point to users' page.
since version 2.23

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