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DPL\DynamicPageList Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($headings, $bHeadingCount, $iColumns, $iRows, $iRowSize, $sRowColFormat, $articles, $headingtype, $hlistmode, $listmode, $bescapelinks, $baddexternallink, $includepage, $includemaxlen, $includeseclabels, $includeseclabelsmatch, $includeseclabelsnotmatch, $includematchparsed, &$parser, $replaceInTitle, $iTitleMaxLen, $defaultTemplateSuffix, $aTableRow, $bIncludeTrim, $iTableSortCol, $updateRules, $deleteRules)
 formatCount ($numart)
 substTagParm ($tag, $pagename, $article, $imageUrl, $nr, $titleMaxLength)
 formatList ($iStart, $iCount, $iTitleMaxLen, $defaultTemplateSuffix, $bIncludeTrim, $iTableSortCol, $updateRules, $deleteRules)
 updateArticleByRule ($title, $text, $rulesText)
 updateArticle ($title, $text, $summary)
 editTemplateCall ($text, $template, $call, $parameter, $type, $value, $format, $legend, $instruction, $optional, $fieldFormat)
 getTemplateParmValues ($text, $template)
 updateTemplateCall (&$matchCount, $text, $template, $call, $parameter, $value, $afterParm, $optional)
 deleteArticleByRule ($title, $text, $rulesText)
 articleLink ($tag, $article, $iTitleMaxLen)
 formatItem ($piece, $tagStart, $tagEnd)
 formatSingleItems (&$pieces, $s, $article)
 formatTemplateArg ($arg, $s, $argNr, $firstCall, $maxlen, $article)
 getRowCount ()
 cutAt ($lim, $text)
 formatCategoryList ($iStart, $iCount)
 msgExt ($key, $options)
 getText ()

Static Public Member Functions

static imageWithPath ($imgName)

Public Attributes

 $mIncSecLabels = array()
 $mIncSecLabelsMatch = array()
 $mIncSecLabelsNotMatch = array()
 $filteredCount = 0

Member Function Documentation

DPL\DynamicPageList::cutAt (   $lim,

Truncate a portion of wikitext so that .. ... it is not larger that $lim characters ... it is balanced in terms of braces, brackets and tags ... can be used as content of a wikitable field without spoiling the whole surrounding wikitext structure

$limlimit of character count for the result
$textthe wikitext to be truncated
the truncated text; note that in some cases it may be slightly longer than the given limit if the text is alread shorter than the limit or if the limit is negative, the text will be returned without any checks for balance of tags
DPL\DynamicPageList::getTemplateParmValues (   $text,

return an array of template invocations; each element is an associative array of parameter and value

static DPL\DynamicPageList::imageWithPath (   $imgName)

Prepends an image name with its hash path.

$imgNamename of the image (may start with Image: or File:)
DPL\DynamicPageList::msgExt (   $key,

Returns message in the requested format after parsing wikitext to html This is meant to be equivalent to wfMsgExt() with parse, parsemag and escape as available options but using the DPL local parser instead of the global one (bugfix).

DPL\DynamicPageList::updateArticleByRule (   $title,

this fucntion hast three tasks (depending on $exec): (1) show an edit dialogue for template fields (exec = edit) (2) set template parameters to values specified in the query (exec=set)v (2) preview the source code including any changes of these parameters made in the edit form or with other changes (exec=preview) (3) save the article with the changed value set or with other changes (exec=save) "other changes" means that a regexp can be applied to the source text or arbitrary text can be inserted before or after a pattern occuring in the text

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