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Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.1

Released February 9th, 2014.

New features

Bug fixes

  • #80 Fixed issue with running the system tests on a MySQL based setup
  • #110 Fixed type mismatch issue in the caching code of SQLStore3
  • #121 (Bug 60336) Fixed sortkey issue for multibyte characters in ListResultPrinter
  • #144 (Bug 60284) Fixed record data type issue when using #set/#subobject
  • #145 Fixed PHP strict standards notice in SMWParamFormat::formatValue
  • #146 Fixed regression in resource paths that caused the SMW badge and JS+CSS to not be loaded on some wikis
  • #148 Fixed regression that made data type labels case sensitive
  • #151 (Bug 50155) Fixed issue with category hierarchies on SQLite
  • #164 (Bug 19487) Fixed update of predefined properties when uploading a file
  • #166 Fixed Factbox display issue during preview and edit mode
  • #170 Fixed 1.9.0 regression of special property "Is a new page" (_NEWP) (Run "SMW_refreshData.php" to amend falsely set values.)

Internal enhancements

  • #112 Added a date data type regression test
  • #118 Added a possibility to inject a Revision into the ContentParser
  • #119 Added a LinksUpdate integration test
  • #131 Added internationalization support for special property "Query duration"
  • #132 Added smoke test for the special language files
  • #142 Changed the Norwegian language code (BokmÃ¥l variant) from "no" to "nb" for L10n of datatypes, special properties, etc.
  • #144 Added a record data type regression test
  • #151 Added a category hierarchy regression test