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Semantic Maps


These are the installation and configuration instructions for the SemanticMaps extension.


Note that Semantic Maps 3.4.2 is the last release of Semantic Maps as a dedicated extension. It has been merged into the Maps extension, where development continues. All features available in Semantic Maps 3.4.2 are now available in Maps 4.0 and later!

Status Release date Git branch
Semantic Maps 3.4.2 Obsolete release 2016-11-23 3.4.x
Semantic Maps 3.3.0 Obsolete release 2016-04-02 3.3.0
Semantic Maps 3.2.0 Obsolete release 2015-07-02 3.2.0
Semantic Maps 3.1.x Obsolete release 2014-11-11 3.1.2
Semantic Maps 3.0.x Obsolete release 2014-01-18 3.0
Semantic Maps 2.0.x Obsolete release 2012-12-13 2.0.x
Semantic Maps 1.0.5 Obsolete release 2011-11-30 -/-

Platform compatibility

PHP MediaWiki SMW Maps Composer Validator
S. Maps 3.4.x 5.5 - 7.x 1.23 - 1.27 2.x >= 2.1 3.x Required 2.x (handled by Composer)
S. Maps 3.3.x 5.3.2 - 7.x 1.19 - 1.27 2.x >= 2.1 3.x Required 2.x (handled by Composer)
S. Maps 3.2.x 5.3.2 - 5.6.x 1.19 - 1.25 2.x >= 2.1 3.x Required 2.x (handled by Composer)
S. Maps 3.1.x 5.3.2 - 5.6.x 1.19 - 1.23 2.x 3.x Required 2.x (handled by Composer)
S. Maps 3.0.x 5.3.2 - 5.6.x 1.18 - 1.23 1.9.x 3.x Required 1.x (handled by Composer)
S. Maps 2.0.x 5.3.2 - 5.5.x 1.18 - 1.23 1.8.x 2.0.x Not supported 0.5.1
S. Maps 1.0.5 5.2.0 - 5.3.x 1.17 - 1.19 1.7.x 1.0.5 Not supported 0.4.13 or 0.4.14

When installing Semantic Maps 2.x, see the installation instructions that come bundled with it. Also make use of Validator 0.5.x as stated above. More recent versions of Validator will not work.

Database support

All current versions of Semantic Maps have full support for all databases that can be used with Semantic MediaWiki.

Download and installation

This version of SemanticMaps extension has been ported for MediaWiki >= 1.27, now the extension can be delivered in a single archive file and can be activated by wfLoadExtension.

Install from github

Step 1

Go to the root directory of your MediaWiki installation.

git clone extensions/SemanticMaps
cd extensions/SemanticMaps
composer update

Step 2

Activate extension in LocalSettings by adding:


Verify installation success

As final step, you can verify Semantic Maps got installed by looking at the "Special:Version" page on your wiki and verifying the Semantic Maps extension is listed in the "Semantic extensions" section.


See the Semantic Maps settings file for the available configuration options.