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Contributing to Solarium

So you consider contributing to Solarium? That’s great! Here are some pointers to hopefully get a good result.

If you are uncertain about any part or need help please feel free to ask for help.

Bug reports

  • Bugs are intended for problems in the code or missing / faulty documentation. Not for issues with your own environment, questions in how to use feature X etcetera.
  • Include info about your environment: the version of Solarium you are using, PHP version, Solr version
  • If you get a specific error, include as much info as possible. The PHP exception, a Solr error log line, etcetera.
  • When something doesn't work as expected for you, also describe the behaviour you expect.
  • Do a quick search to check if the issue has already been reported
  • Describe your issue well, especially the title. Instead of ‘Select query exception’ use ‘Using a dash in a filterquery tag causes an exception’.
  • Provide steps to reproduce the issue. A unittest is ideal, but a description of manual steps is also very helpful.

Pull requests

  • Your pull requests should target the develop branch, not master. Nothing will be directly merged into master!
  • A pull request should be mergeable (fast-forward) if not, you will be asked to update it.
  • Ideally any change should include updated or new unittests to cover the changes. You can submit a PR without tests, but it will take longer to merge as someone else will need to fix the test coverage.
  • Solarium follows the Symfony2 code standards:
  • Each PR will be checked by the CI environment automatically. Ofcourse anything other than a 'green' status needs to be fixed before a PR can be merged.