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PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Calculation_Database

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Calculation_DateTime

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Calculation_Logical

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Calculation_LookupRef

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Calculation_MathTrig

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Calculation_TextData

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Calculation (Multiton)

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Cell_AdvancedValueBinder

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Cell_DefaultValueBinder

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_IOFactory

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Reader_CSV

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Reader_DefaultReadFilter

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Reader_Excel2003XML

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Reader_Excel2007

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Reader_Excel5

This class uses

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Reader_Gnumeric

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Reader_HTML

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Reader_OOCalc

PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel_Reader_SYLK


PHPExcel root directory PHPExcel

A doc generator that outputs documentation in one big HTML file.

Output is in one large HTML file and is designed for you to style with your own stylesheet. It contains a table of contents at the top with anchors to each sniff.

A doc generator that outputs documentation in Markdown format.

A doc generator that outputs text-based documentation.

Output is designed to be displayed in a terminal and is wrapped to 100 characters.

Processes pattern strings and checks that the code conforms to the pattern.

This test essentially checks that code is correctly formatted with whitespace.

A class to find T_VARIABLE tokens.

This class can distinguish between normal T_VARIABLE tokens, and those tokens that represent class members. If a class member is encountered, then then processMemberVar method is called so the extending class can process it. If the token is found to be a normal T_VARIABLE token, then processVariable is called.


Ensures method names are correct depending on whether they are public or private, and that functions are named correctly.


Favor PHP 5 constructor syntax, which uses "function __construct()". Avoid PHP 4 constructor syntax, which uses "function ClassName()".

Ensures that systems, asset types and libs are included before they are used.

Parses and verifies the doc comments for functions.

Same as the Squiz standard, but adds support for API tags.

Verifies that control statements conform to their coding standards.


Ensures method names are correct depending on whether they are public or private, and that functions are named correctly.


Checks the naming of member variables.


Checks that control structures are structured correctly, and their content is indented correctly.


Ensures method names are defined using camel case.

Class Declaration Test.

Checks the declaration of the class and its inheritance is correct.

Verifies that properties are declared correctly.


Checks that the method declaration is correct.

Tests self member references.

Verifies that :

  • self:: is used instead of Self::
  • self:: is used for local static member reference
  • self:: is used instead of self ::

Parses and verifies the doc comments for functions.

Verifies that a

tagexists for a function that throws exceptions. Verifies the number of
tagsand the number of throw tokens matches. Verifies the exception type.

Parses and verifies the variable doc comment.


Checks the function declaration is correct.


Ensure single and multi-line function declarations are defined correctly.


Ensures method names are correct depending on whether they are public or private, and that functions are named correctly.


Checks the naming of variables and member variables.


Discourages the use of debug functions.


Discourages the use of alias functions that are kept in PHP for compatibility with older versions. Can be used to forbid the use of any function.

Verifies that class members have scope modifiers.

Verifies that class methods have scope modifiers.


Checks for usage of "$this" in static methods, which will cause runtime errors.

Verifies that class members are spaced correctly.

Tokenizes CSS code.

PHP_CodeSniffer tokenizes PHP code and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards.

Standards are specified by classes that implement the PHP_CodeSniffer_Sniff interface. A sniff registers what token types it wishes to listen for, then PHP_CodeSniffer encounters that token, the sniff is invoked and passed information about where the token was found in the stack, and the token stack itself.

Sniff files and their containing class must be prefixed with Sniff, and have an extension of .php.

Multiple PHP_CodeSniffer operations can be performed by re-calling the process function with different parameters.

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