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Morning Light

Quite a while ago, I found this great jPlayer skin on GitHub. It was nice, simple, and great looking! But what I soon found out was that it was only for jPlayer 2.0.0. That got me thinking, "Hey! Why don't I update it?!". And I did just that!

It actually ended up looking pretty good :D


Morning Light will support any jPlayer version from 2.1.0 all the way to the current developmental build. I recommend you keep up to date on your jPlayer installation. Morning Light also uses some CSS3 features such as border-radius, text-shadow, and box-shadow (specifically box-shdaow: inset) so it won't show up in IE8 or lower. If you want, you can use CSS3PIE to enable border-radius in IE8 and lower but text-shadow and box-shadow: inset are still a WIP. I'll add support for CSS3PIE as soon as they add more functionality to it.


This is skin is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

Authors and Contributors

This skin was originally created by persand. He made it for jPlayer 2.0.0 and I simply updated the CSS and added a few more images. I only take 40% credit for this work.

The orginal theme for jPlayer 2.0.0 can be found here -

Support or Contact

If you are having issues with the skin, please feel free to post in the Issues section on the GitHub repository. I will try my hardest to respond and solve all of your problems.

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