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SFRegExpInput Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($input_number, $cur_value, $input_name, $disabled, $other_args)
 getResourceModuleNames ()
 getHtmlText ()
 getJsInitFunctionData ()
 getJsValidationFunctionData ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SFFormInput
 __construct ($input_number, $cur_value, $input_name, $disabled, $other_args)
 getDefaultParameters ()
 getHtmlText ()
 getJsInitFunctionData ()
 getJsValidationFunctionData ()
 getResourceModuleNames ()
 addJsInitFunctionData ($name, $param=null)
 addJsValidationFunctionData ($name, $param= 'null')

Static Public Member Functions

static getName ()
static getParameters ()
static getOtherPropTypesHandled ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SFFormInput
static getName ()
static getHandledPropertyTypes ()
static getParameters ()
static canHandleLists ()
static getDefaultPropTypes ()
static getDefaultPropTypeLists ()
static getOtherPropTypesHandled ()
static getOtherPropTypeListsHandled ()
static getDefaultCargoTypes ()
static getDefaultCargoTypeLists ()
static getOtherCargoTypesHandled ()
static getOtherCargoTypeListsHandled ()
static getHTML ($cur_value, $input_name, $is_mandatory, $is_disabled, $other_args)

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from SFFormInput
 $mJsInitFunctionData = array()
 $mJsValidationFunctionData = array()

Detailed Description

This class represents the RegExp input.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SFRegExpInput::__construct (   $input_number,


String$input_numberThe number of the input in the form.
String$cur_valueThe current value of the input field.
String$input_nameThe name of the input.
String$disabledIs this input disabled?
Array$other_argsAn associative array of other parameters that were present in the input definition.

Member Function Documentation

SFRegExpInput::getHtmlText ( )

Returns the HTML code to be included in the output page for this input.

Ideally this HTML code should provide a basic functionality even if the browser is not JavaScript capable. I.e. even without JavaScript the user should be able to input values.

SFRegExpInput::getJsInitFunctionData ( )

Returns the name and parameters for the initialization JavaScript function for this input type, if any.

SFRegExpInput::getJsValidationFunctionData ( )

Returns the name and parameters for the validation JavaScript functions for this input type, if any.

static SFRegExpInput::getName ( )

Returns the name of the input type this class handles.

This is the name to be used in the field definition for the "input type" parameter.

String The name of the input type this class handles.
static SFRegExpInput::getOtherPropTypesHandled ( )

Returns the set of SMW property types which this input can handle, but for which it isn't the default input.

Array of strings
static SFRegExpInput::getParameters ( )

Returns the set of parameters for this form input.

SFRegExpInput::getResourceModuleNames ( )

Returns the names of the resource modules this input type uses.

Returns the names of the modules as an array or - if there is only one module - as a string.


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