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BoilerPlate This is a simple boilerplate that features the most basic structures of a BlueSpice MediaWiki extension.


  • BoilerPlate.setup.php - This is the setup file. It just registers static information with the MediaWiki application and the BlueSpiceFoundation
  • BoilerPlate.class.php - This file holds the main PHP class of the extension. It get's initialized on startup time by BlueSpiceFoundation


... further documentation here


Important methods to implement: public function __construct() sets up all the information about an extension. This usually happens very early during runtime execution of MediaWiki and the context (e.g. user, rights , database access etc.) are not fully available. Do not put any logic in here. Instead, use initExt(); for initializing the extension and defining its core functionality. Examples are registering hooks, defining settings, registering permissions etc.