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SBL will try to generate a breadcrumb trail if a property relation can be matched including its relational directionality. > indicates a Has parent (or Is child of) relationship while < describes the closest descendant for a Is parent of affinity.

It is required to specify a property search pattern (by default Has parent page is assigned as special property to NS_MAIN) in order to find relationships between a subject and its antecedents.


Foo > Bar[[Has parent page::Foo]] > Baz[[Has parent page::Bar]]

If a subject Baz declares a relationship with Bar and Bar itself specifies a parental relationship with Foo then the breadcrumb trail for Baz will be resolved as Foo > Bar. On the other hand, the subject Bar will display a Foo > Bar < Baz trail indicating that Foo is a parent( > ) and Baz is a child ( < ) of Bar.

Using __NOBREADCRUMBLINKS__ on an individual page will suppress the display of a SBL generated breadcrumb trail, yet it will not remove or alter the state of annotation related values.


Details on available sttings are decribed in "this" document.