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FakeAuthTemplate Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 execute ()
 addInputItem ($name, $value, $type, $msg, $helptext=false)
 getExtraInputDefinitions ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseTemplate
 getMsg ($name)
 msg ($str)
 msgHtml ($str)
 msgWiki ($str)
 getToolbox ()
 getPersonalTools ()
 getSidebar ($options=[])
 makeLink ($key, $item, $options=[])
 makeListItem ($key, $item, $options=[])
 makeSearchInput ($attrs=[])
 makeSearchButton ($mode, $attrs=[])
 getFooterLinks ($option=null)
 getFooterIcons ($option=null)
 getIndicators ()
 printTrail ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QuickTemplate
 __construct (Config $config=null)
 set ($name, $value)
 extend ($name, $value)
 get ($name, $default=null)
 setRef ($name, &$value)
 setTranslator (&$t)
 execute ()
 getSkin ()
 getHTML ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from BaseTemplate
 renderAfterPortlet ($name)
- Protected Attributes inherited from QuickTemplate

Detailed Description

B/C class to try handling login/signup template modifications even though login/signup does not actually happen through a template anymore. Just collects extra field definitions and allows some other class to do decide what to do with threm.. TODO find the right place for adding extra fields and kill this

Member Function Documentation

FakeAuthTemplate::addInputItem (   $name,
  $helptext = false 

Extensions (AntiSpoof and TitleBlacklist) call this in response to UserCreateForm hook to add checkboxes to the create account form.

FakeAuthTemplate::getExtraInputDefinitions ( )

Turns addInputItem-style field definitions into HTMLForm field definitions.


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