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SRFExhibit Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getResult ($results, $params, $outputmode)
 getParamDefinitions (array $definitions)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMW\ResultPrinter
 __construct ($format, $inline=true, $useValidator=false)
 getQueryMode ($context)
 getName ()
 setShowErrors ($show)
 getParameters ()
 getParamDefinitions (array $definitions)
 getNamedParameters (array $definitions=array())
 isExportFormat ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ContextSource
 getContext ()
 setContext (IContextSource $context)
 getConfig ()
 getRequest ()
 getTitle ()
 canUseWikiPage ()
 getWikiPage ()
 getOutput ()
 getUser ()
 getLanguage ()
 getSkin ()
 getTiming ()
 getStats ()
 msg ()
 exportSession ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMW\QueryResultPrinter
 getResult (QueryResult $results, array $fullParams, $outputMode)

Public Attributes

 _num => "number", "_dat" => "date", "_geo" => "text", "_uri" => "url" ]

Protected Member Functions

 encodePropertyName ($property)
 determineNamespace ($res)
 getResultText (SMWQueryResult $res, $outputmode)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SMW\ResultPrinter
 getResultText (SMWQueryResult $res, $outputMode)
 buildResult (SMWQueryResult $results)
 handleParameters (array $params, $outputMode)
 postProcessParameters ()
 getLinker ($firstcol=false)
 getFurtherResultsLink (SMWQueryResult $res, $outputMode)
 getErrorString (SMWQueryResult $res)
 escapeText ($text, $outputmode)
 getSearchLabel ($outputmode)
 linkFurtherResults (SMWQueryResult $results)
 addError ($errorMessage)
 textDisplayParameters ()
 exportFormatParameters ()

Protected Attributes

 $m_types = [ "_wpg" => "text"
- Protected Attributes inherited from SMW\ResultPrinter
 $mIntro = ''
 $mOutro = ''
 $mSearchlabel = null
 $mDefault = ''
 $mShowHeaders = SMW_HEADERS_SHOW
 $mShowErrors = true
 $mErrors = array()
 $isHTML = false
 $hasTemplates = false

Static Protected Attributes

static $exhibitRunningNumber = 0

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from SMW\ResultPrinter
static $maxRecursionDepth = 2

Detailed Description

Result printer using Exhibit to display query results

Member Function Documentation

SRFExhibit::getParamDefinitions ( array  $definitions)
See Also
$definitionsarray of IParamDefinition
array of IParamDefinition|array

Implements SMW\QueryResultPrinter.

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