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Semantic MediaWiki 2.3

Released on October 25th, 2015.

Highlight: Improved SPARQLStore support

SMWs SPARQLStore has now reached full feature parity with the SQLStore. On top of that, various performance improvements where made to the SPARQLStore.

The `$GLOBALS['smwgSparqlQFeatures']` configuration setting now supports these additional values:

  • #1001 SMW_SPARQL_QF_REDI: enable property/value redirects support in queries
  • #1003 SMW_SPARQL_QF_SUBP: enable subproperty hierarchy support
  • #1012 SMW_SPARQL_QF_SUBC: enable subcategory hierarchy support

If your TDB back-end does not support SPARQL 1.1, this setting needs to be set to SMW_SPARQL_QF_NONE.

  • #1152 Added preference for use of canonical identifiers to support language agnostic category/property statements, (use `$GLOBALS['smwgExportBCNonCanonicalFormUse'] = trueto keep backwards compatibility until 3.x)
  • #1158 Added basic support for_geoqueries to theSPARQLStore
  • #1159 Added limitation of theauxproperty usage in the Exporter (use$GLOBALS['smwgExportBCAuxiliaryUse'] = true;` to keep backwards compatibility until 3.x)

New features and enhancements

  • #1042 Added progress indicator to rebuildData.php
  • #1047 Extended context help displayed on Special:Types and subsequent type pages
  • #1049 Improved MobileFrontend support
  • #1053 Added a CSS rule to visually distinguish subobject links from "normal" links
  • #1063 Added `$GLOBALS['smwgValueLookupCacheType']to improve DB lookup performance though the use of a responsive cache layer (such asredis) and buffer repeated requests either from the API or page view to the back-end.
  • #1066, #1075 It is now possible to use extra double colons in annotations. For instance[[DOI::10.1002/123::abc]]or[[Foo:::123]]`
  • #1097 Predefined property aliases are redirected to the base property
  • #1107 The template support of #set now includes an automatically added last-element parameter
  • #1106 Added --skip-properties flag to rebuildData.php
  • #1106 rebuildData.php now first removes items marked for deletion
  • #1129 Extended ~* search pattern for _ema and _tel to allow for searches like [[Has telephone number::~*0123*]] and [[Has email::~*]]
  • #1147 The category result format now supports columns=0, which results in automatic column count selection
  • #1171 Added SQL EXPLAIN output to the debug result format
  • #1172 Added `