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Parameters to the #ask function can apply to the filtered format as a whole (format level) or to only one specific printout (printout level). On format level there are some generic parameters that are common to all result formats and some format specific parameters that are used only by the filtered format.

Consider the following query: ``` {{#ask:[[SomeCondition]] |? SomePrintout |+filter=number |? Position |format=filtered |limit=100 |views=map |mapviewmarkerpositionproperty=Position }} ```

In this query limit=100 is on format level (generic), views=map is on format level (format specific) and +filter=number is on printout level.

Format level - Generic:


  • format
  • mainlabel
  • sort
  • order
  • intro
  • outro
  • limit
  • offset
  • headers (Table view)

Not supported by the filtered format:

  • source
  • link
  • searchlabel
  • default

Format level - Format specific:

  • views (list|calendar|table|map)
  • filter position (top|bottom)

List view

  • list view type
  • list view template
  • list view named args
  • list view introtemplate
  • list view outrotemplate

Calendar view

  • calendar view start
  • calendar view end
  • calendar view title
  • calendar view title template

Table view

  • table view class

Map view

  • map view marker position property

Printout level

  • filter (value|distrance|number)
  • hide (List view, Calendar view only)
  • align (right|left|center) (Table view only)

Value filter

  • value filter collapsible (collapsed|uncollapsed)
  • value filter switches (and or)
  • value filter values (list of strings)
  • value filter height (HTML-compliant height value)

Distance filter

  • distance filter origin (lat lon) Required
  • distance filter collapsible (collapsed|uncollapsed)
  • distance filter initial value (number)
  • distance filter max distance (number)
  • distance filter unit (m|km|mi|nm)

Number filter

  • number filter collapsible (collapsed|uncollapsed)
  • number filter max value (number)
  • number filter min value (number)
  • number filter step (number)
  • number filter sliders (min|max|select|range)
  • number filter label (string)


This is only required for development, not for simple installation and usage.

From the .../SemanticResultFormats/formats/filtered directory run ``` npm install ```

Running tests


JavaScript tests use the QUnit test environment of MediaWiki. To enable the test environment add the following to LocalSettings.php: ``` PHP $wgEnableJavaScriptTest = true; ```

Then the easiest way to run tests is to go to (with server and path modified as necessary).

To at some point allow for continuous integration testing the tests can also be run from the command line on a headless browser. Google Chrome 59 (currently in Beta status) allows headless execution. It will forward anything written to the JavaScript console to the CLI standard output. So, to run tests from the command line install Chrome Beta and run

``` google-chrome-beta \ –headless \ –disable-gpu \ –remote-debugging-port=9222 \ '' ```

Chrome will remain running, so when the test run is finished it has to be force-stopped. See for details on headless Chrome.


Not yet available.