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A basic, yet flexible star rate jQuery plugin, using SVG.


  • Doesn't use external images
  • Customize size
  • Customize colors
  • Use half or full stars
  • Choose the number of stars to be displayed
  • Define gradient color of selected stars
  • Specify a border/stroke thickness and color
  • Specify initial rating via options or markup data attribute
  • Execute callback after rating (ex. to notify a server)
  • onHover and onLeave events
  • Locked / Read-only mode
  • Unload option
  • Change star shape (rounded or straight)
  • Resize stars


For a working demo, see:


  1. Include jQuery:

    ```html <script src=""></script> ```

  2. Include plugin's code:

    ```html <script src=""></script> ```

  1. Include plugin's css:

    ```html <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="star-rating-svg.css"> ```

  2. Add the markup



  3. Call the plugin:

    ```javascript $(".my-rating").starRating({ starSize: 25, callback: function(currentRating, $el){ // make a server call here } }); ```


option default description
totalStars 5 Amount of stars to show
initialRating 0 Initial rating applied on load
starSize 40 width in pixels of each star
useFullStars false rate using whole stars, if enabled, it doesn't use half-steps
emptyColor lightgray Color assigned to an empty star
hoverColor orange Color assigned to hovered star
activeColor gold Color assigned to active rated star
useGradient true Active stars will use gradient coloring
To use this option you need to populate the object [starGradient]
starGradient {start: '#FEF7CD', end: '#FF9511'} Define the star and end colors for the gradient
readOnly false If false any interaction is disabled
disableAfterRate true Removes further events once a rate is selected
strokeWidth 0 Defines the thickness of the border, 0 is disabled
strokeColor black Defines the color for the border
starShape 'straight' or 'rounded' Change the star shape type
baseUrl false when enabled (true), enables compatibility with the base tag in your head section


method arguments description
unload   Destroys the instance and removes events attached to it
setRating 0 to max stars (int), round (Boolean) Manually sets the rating
getRating   Gets the current rating from instance
resize 1 to 200 Resize the stars on the fly
setReadOnly Boolean Disable or enable stars manually

```javascript // unload/destroy example $('your-selector').starRating('unload') // set rating example $('your-selector').starRating('setRating', 2.5) // set rating and round $('your-selector').starRating('setRating', 2.8, true) // 3.0 // get rating example $('your-selector').starRating('getRating') // resize $('your-selector').starRating('resize', 50) // disable/enable stars manually $('.your-selector').starRating('setReadOnly', true);



name arguments description
callback rating, DOM element Executes when selecting a rate

```javascript $('your-selector').starRating({ callback: function(currentRating, $el){ // do something after rating } }); ```


method description
onHover executes a callback on mouseover
onLeave executes a callback on mouseout

```javascript $('your-selector').starRating({ onHover: function(currentIndex, currentRating, $el){ // do something on mouseover }, onLeave: function(currentIndex, currentRating, $el){ // do something after mouseout } }); ```


Code example


Source file


Minified version




  • Adds public method to disable & enable stars manually


  • Fixes issue when using SVG + base tag


  • Change the star type
  • Adds method to resize star on the fly


  • Fixes Firefox hover issues


  • Adds set rating, and get rating
  • Adds onHover event
  • Adds onLeave event


  • Fixes support for enabling full stars


  • Returns element on callback
  • Fixed typos


  • Fixed bugs related to rendering in retina


  • Added readonly mode


The MIT License (MIT)