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Third Party Licenses

This is an overview of all the 3rd party licenses used in BlueSpiceExtensions.


Software Author Version License
ExtJS-Patches Daniel Norman - MIT
Instant Avatars Dominic Szablewski - unlicensed
jquery-textcomplete Yuku Takahashi 0.3.3 MIT
PHP Identicons Bong Cosca 1.0.1 GPL-3.0
Solr-php-client Donovan Jimenez, PTC Inc. - BSD-modified
SyntaxHighlighter Alex Gorbatchev 3.0.83 MIT
TinyMCE Moxiecode Systems AB 4.6.4 LGPL-2.1
xhtmlrenderer Patrick Wright 9.0.9 LGPL-2.1
Solr Apache Software Foundation 4.5.0 Apache 2.0


Image Author Version License
Ajaxload Yannick Croissant - WTFPL 2
Business Pack Freepik - Flaticon Basic License
Brightmix Icon Set - WTFPL 2
Entypo Daniel Bruce 3 CC-BY-SA 4.0
Famfamfam Silk Icon set 1.3 Mark James 1.3 CC-BY 3.0
Picol 2 Melih Bilgil - CC-BY 3.0
Pidgin emoticons Hylke Bons - unlicensed
Simpleicon Interface Freeicons - CC-BY 3.0
Universalicons Freepik - Flaticon Basic License
LibreOffice Icons Bedipp pre final Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


Font Author Version License
DejaVu Bitstream 2.33 DejaVu
FontAwesome Dave Gandy 3.0 SIL 1.1
IcoMoon Keyamoon - GPL-3.0

License texts

All licenses can be found in full text in the folder


or online at