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Bug List
Class Cite
Member HttpTest::testCurlConstants ($value)
70570 provideCurlConstants
Member HttpTest::testIsValidUri ($expect, $URI, $message= '')
27854 : Http::isValidURI is too lax provideURI Http::isValidURI
Class LanguageTr


Member LanguageTrTest::testDottedAndDotlessI ($func, $input, $inputCase, $expected)
28040 Credits to irc:// users:
Member MockFSFile::getSize ()
Member SMW::forceToUseParser ()
62856 and #212
Member SMW::getRowListContent (array $row)
Bad HTML tag escaping with hardcoded exceptions (for datatype _qty)
Member SMWRDFXMLSerializer::serializeExpCollection (SMWExpNsResource $expResourceProperty, array $collection, $indent, $isClassTypeProp)

The $isClassTypeProp parameter is not properly taken into account.

Individual resources are not serialised properly.

Class SMWURIValue
Correctly create safe HTML and Wiki text.
Member SpecialRecentchangesTest::testRcNsFilterAssociation ($ns1, $ns2)
2429 provideNamespacesAssociations
Member SpecialRecentchangesTest::testRcNsFilterAssociationWithInversion ($ns1, $ns2)
2429 provideNamespacesAssociations