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Utility class for timing things, factored out of PHPUnit into a stand-alone component.


You can add this library as a local, per-project dependency to your project using Composer:

composer require phpunit/php-timer

If you only need this library during development, for instance to run your project's test suite, then you should add it as a development-time dependency:

composer require --dev phpunit/php-timer


Basic Timing

```php PHP_Timer::start();

// ...

$time = PHP_Timer::stop(); var_dump($time);

print PHP_Timer::secondsToTimeString($time); ```

The code above yields the output below:

0 ms

Resource Consumption Since PHP Startup

```php print PHP_Timer::resourceUsage(); ```

The code above yields the output below:

Time: 0 ms, Memory: 0.50MB