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SMWContainerSemanticData Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __sleep ()
 skipAnonymousCheck ()
 hasAnonymousSubject ()
 getSubject ()
 copyDataFrom (SMWSemanticData $semanticData)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMW\SemanticData
 __construct (DIWikiPage $subject, $noDuplicates=true)
 __sleep ()
 getSubject ()
 getProperties ()
 hasProperty (DIProperty $property)
 getPropertyValues (DIProperty $property)
 getErrors ()
 addError ($error)
 getHash ()
 getSubSemanticData ()
 hasVisibleProperties ()
 hasVisibleSpecialProperties ()
 addPropertyObjectValue (DIProperty $property, SMWDataItem $dataItem)
 addPropertyValue ($propertyName, SMWDataItem $dataItem)
 addDataValue (SMWDataValue $dataValue)
 addSubobject (Subobject $subobject)
 removePropertyObjectValue (DIProperty $property, SMWDataItem $dataItem)
 clear ()
 isEmpty ()
 importDataFrom (SemanticData $semanticData)
 removeDataFrom (SemanticData $semanticData)
 hasSubSemanticData ($subobjectName=null)
 findSubSemanticData ($subobjectName)
 addSubSemanticData (SemanticData $semanticData)
 removeSubSemanticData (SemanticData $semanticData)
 getLastModified ()
 setLastModified ($lastModified)

Static Public Member Functions

static makeAnonymousContainer ($noDuplicates=true, $skipAnonymousCheck=false)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from SMW\SemanticData
- Protected Attributes inherited from SMW\SemanticData
 $mPropVals = array()
 $mProperties = array()
 $mHasVisibleProps = false
 $mHasVisibleSpecs = false
 $subSemanticData = array()
 $subDataAllowed = true
 $errors = array()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from SMW\SemanticData
static $mPropertyPrefix = ''

Detailed Description

Subclass of SMWSemanticData that is used to store the data in SMWDIContainer objects. It is special since the subject that the stored property-value pairs refer may or may not be specified explicitly. This can be tested with hasAnonymousSubject(). When trying to access the subject in anonymous state, an Exception will be thrown. Anonymous container data items are used when no page context is available, e.g. when specifying such a value in a search form where the parent page is not known.

Besides this change, the subclass mainly is needed to restroe the disabled serialization of SMWSemanticData.

See also the documentation of SMWDIContainer.

Markus Krötzsch

Member Function Documentation

SMWContainerSemanticData::__sleep ( )

Restore complete serialization which is disabled in SMWSemanticData.

SMWContainerSemanticData::copyDataFrom ( SMWSemanticData  $semanticData)

Change the object to become an exact copy of the given SMWSemanticData object. This is used to make other types of SMWSemanticData into an SMWContainerSemanticData. To copy objects of the same type, PHP clone() should be used.

$semanticDataSMWSemanticData object to copy from
SMWContainerSemanticData::getSubject ( )

Return subject to which the stored semantic annotation refer to, or throw an exception if the subject is anonymous (if the data has not been contextualized with setMasterPage() yet).

SMWDIWikiPage subject
SMWContainerSemanticData::hasAnonymousSubject ( )

Check if the subject of this container is an anonymous object. See the documenation of the class for details.

static SMWContainerSemanticData::makeAnonymousContainer (   $noDuplicates = true,
  $skipAnonymousCheck = false 

Construct a data container that refers to an anonymous subject. See the documentation of the class for details.

boolean$noDuplicatesstating if duplicate data should be avoided
SMWContainerSemanticData::skipAnonymousCheck ( )

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