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GroupManager Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BsExtensionMW
 setCore ($oCore)
 getInfo ()
 getName ()
 getExtensionKey ()
 setup ($sExtName="", $aConfig=array())
 setHook ($hook, $method=false, $bExecuteFirst=false)
 getResourcePath ()
 getImagePath ($bResources=false)
 getCacheKey ($sSubKey= 'default')
 makeTagExtensionDefinitions ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ContextSource
 getContext ()
 setContext (IContextSource $context)
 getConfig ()
 getRequest ()
 getTitle ()
 canUseWikiPage ()
 getWikiPage ()
 getOutput ()
 getUser ()
 getLanguage ()
 getSkin ()
 getTiming ()
 getStats ()
 msg ()
 exportSession ()

Static Public Member Functions

static onRegistration ()
static saveData ()
static checkI18N ($sGroup, $bValue=true)
static onUnitTestsList (array &$paths)

Protected Member Functions

 initExt ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BsExtensionMW
 initExt ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from BsExtensionMW
 $mExtensionFile = null
 $mExtensionType = null
 $mInfo = null
 $mExtensionKey = null
 $mResourcePath = null
 $sName = ''
 $sStatus = ''
 $sPackage = ''
 $mCore = null
 $aStandardContext = array( '*', '*', '*' )

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GroupManager::__construct ( )

constructor for GroupManager class

Member Function Documentation

static GroupManager::onRegistration ( )

extension.json callback array $bsgConfigFiles

static GroupManager::onUnitTestsList ( array &  $paths)

UnitTestsList allows registration of additional test suites to execute under PHPUnit. Extensions can append paths to files to the $paths array, and since MediaWiki 1.24, can specify paths to directories, which will be scanned recursively for any test case files with the suffix "Test.php".

static GroupManager::saveData ( )

saves all groupspecific data to a config file

array the json answer

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