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SRFArray Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($format, $inline=true, $useValidator=true)
 getQueryMode ($context)
 getName ()
 getParamDefinitions (array $definitions)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMW\ResultPrinter
 __construct ($format, $inline=true, $useValidator=false)
 getQueryMode ($context)
 getName ()
 setShowErrors ($show)
 getParameters ()
 getParamDefinitions (array $definitions)
 getNamedParameters (array $definitions=array())
 isExportFormat ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ContextSource
 getContext ()
 setContext (IContextSource $context)
 getConfig ()
 getRequest ()
 getTitle ()
 canUseWikiPage ()
 getWikiPage ()
 getOutput ()
 getUser ()
 getLanguage ()
 getSkin ()
 getTiming ()
 getStats ()
 msg ()
 exportSession ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMW\QueryResultPrinter
 getResult (QueryResult $results, array $fullParams, $outputMode)

Protected Member Functions

 getResultText (SMWQueryResult $res, $outputmode)
 fillDeliveryArray ($array=[], $value=null)
 deliverPageTitle ($value, $link=false)
 deliverRecordField ($value, $link=false)
 deliverSingleValue ($value, $link=false)
 deliverMissingProperty (SMWResultArray $field)
 deliverSingleManyValuesData ($value_items, $containsRecord, $isPageTitle)
 deliverPropertiesManyValues ($manyValue_items, $isMissingProperty, $isPageTitle, SMWResultArray $data)
 deliverPageProperties ($perProperty_items)
 deliverQueryResultPages ($perPage_items)
 createArray ($array)
 initializeCfgValue ($dfltVal, $dfltCacheKey)
 getCfgSepText ($obj)
 handleParameters (array $params, $outputmode)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SMW\ResultPrinter
 getResultText (SMWQueryResult $res, $outputMode)
 buildResult (SMWQueryResult $results)
 handleParameters (array $params, $outputMode)
 postProcessParameters ()
 getLinker ($firstcol=false)
 getFurtherResultsLink (SMWQueryResult $res, $outputMode)
 getErrorString (SMWQueryResult $res)
 escapeText ($text, $outputmode)
 getSearchLabel ($outputmode)
 linkFurtherResults (SMWQueryResult $results)
 addError ($errorMessage)
 textDisplayParameters ()
 exportFormatParameters ()

Protected Attributes

 $mArrayName = null
 $mMainLabelHack = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from SMW\ResultPrinter
 $mIntro = ''
 $mOutro = ''
 $mSearchlabel = null
 $mDefault = ''
 $mShowHeaders = SMW_HEADERS_SHOW
 $mShowErrors = true
 $mErrors = array()
 $isHTML = false
 $hasTemplates = false

Static Protected Attributes

static $mDefaultSeps = []

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from SMW\ResultPrinter
static $maxRecursionDepth = 2

Detailed Description

Array format

Member Function Documentation

SRFArray::createArray (   $array)

Helper function to create a new Array within 'Arrays' extension. Takes care of different versions as well as the old 'ArrayExtension'.

ToDo: is there a way to get the actual parser which has started the query?

SRFArray::deliverMissingProperty ( SMWResultArray  $field)

: System for Default values?...

SRFArray::getName ( )

Get a human readable label for this printer. The default is to return just the format identifier. Concrete implementations may refer to messages here. The format name is normally not used in wiki text but only in forms etc. hence the user language should be used when retrieving messages.


Implements SMW\QueryResultPrinter.

SRFArray::getParamDefinitions ( array  $definitions)
See Also
$definitionsarray of IParamDefinition
array of IParamDefinition|array

Implements SMW\QueryResultPrinter.

SRFArray::getQueryMode (   $context)

This function determines the query mode that is to be used for this printer in various contexts. The query mode influences how queries to that printer should be processed to obtain a result. Possible values are SMWQuery::MODE_INSTANCES (retrieve instances), SMWQuery::MODE_NONE (do nothing), SMWQuery::MODE_COUNT (get number of results), SMWQuery::MODE_DEBUG (return debugging text). Possible values for context are SMWQueryProcessor::SPECIAL_PAGE, SMWQueryProcessor::INLINE_QUERY, SMWQueryProcessor::CONCEPT_DESC.

The default implementation always returns SMWQuery::MODE_INSTANCES. File exports like RSS will use MODE_INSTANCES on special pages (so that instances are retrieved for the export) and MODE_NONE otherwise (displaying just a download link).


Implements SMW\QueryResultPrinter.

SRFArray::getResultText ( SMWQueryResult  $res,

first field is always the page title, except, mainlabel is set to '-'

Is there some other way to check the data value directly for being the page title or not? SMWs behavior could change on mainlabel handling...

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