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Changes in PHPUnit 4.2

All notable changes of the PHPUnit 4.2 release series are documented in this file using the Keep a CHANGELOG principles.

4.2.5 - 2014-09-06

New release of PHPUnit as PHP Archive (PHAR) with updated dependencies

4.2.4 - 2014-08-31


  • Fixed #1413: assertCount() hangs in infinite loop on HHVM

4.2.3 - 2014-08-28


  • Fixed #1403: phpunit --self-update does not work

4.2.2 - 2014-08-18


  • Fixed #1399: enforceTimeLimit configuration option is not handled

4.2.1 - 2014-08-17


  • Fixed #1380: assertMatch() returns Unexpected end tag : hr
  • Fixed #1390: Licensing issue with third-party components bundled in PHAR distribution

4.2.0 - 2014-08-08


  • Tests annotated with `
    will now be reported as risky when the–disallow-todo-testsoption is used orbeStrictAboutTodoAnnotatedTests=trueis set in the configuration file


  • `trigger_error(METHOD . ' is deprecated', E_USER_DEPRECATED);is used now to indicate that a PHPUnit API method is deprecated; the old "system" for deprecating methods has been removed
  • The PHP Archive (PHAR) distribution of PHPUnit can now be used as a library;include()ing orrequire()`ing it will not execute the CLI test runner


  • The assertTag() and assertSelect*() assertion methods have been deprecated in favor of the phpunit-dom-assertions extension; these methods will be removed in PHPUnit 5.0