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A JavaScript library for diffing trees in the browser, implementing the algorithm outlined in:

treeDiffer finds the minimum transactions to get from the first tree to the second tree. Nodes in each tree are labelled in post order, starting from 0. Each transaction is of the form [nodeToRemove, nodeToInsert], where nodeToRemove or nodeToInsert (but not both) can be null. E.g:

  • [1, null] indicates that node 1 was removed from the first tree
  • [null, 2] indicates that node 2 was inserted into the second tree
  • [3, 4] indicates that node 3 in the first tree was changed into node 4 in the second tree


Trees can be made of any type of node, as long as the nodes are connected in a tree structure.

The abstract treeDiffer.treeNode class should be extended to work with the specific node type.


Using treeDiffer to diff HTML: