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HitCounters\Hooks Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static onLoadExtensionSchemaUpdates (DatabaseUpdater $updater)
static onSpecialStatsAddExtra (array &$extraStats, RequestContext $statsPage)
static onMagicWordwgVariableIDs (array &$variableIDs)
static onParserFirstCallInit (Parser $parser)
static onParserGetVariableValueSwitch (Parser &$parser, array $cache, &$magicWordId, &$ret, PPFrame &$frame)
static onPageViewUpdates (WikiPage $wikipage, User $user)
static onSkinTemplateOutputPageBeforeExec (SkinTemplate &$skin, QuickTemplate &$tpl)

Static Protected Member Functions

static getMostViewedPages (RequestContext $statsPage)
static getMagicWords ()

Detailed Description

PHPMD will warn us about these things here but since they're hooks, we really don't have much choice.

(PHPMD.CamelCaseMethodName) (PHPMD.UnusedFormalParameter) (PHPMD.CouplingBetweenObjects)

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