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Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.3

Released on July 8, 2017.


  • #2534 as d7077b8 Added `$smwgLocalConnectionConf` configuration parameter together with respective functionality allowing for modifications on connection providers in environments with multiple relational databases
  • Many new translations for numerous languages by the communtity of

Bug fixes and internal code changes

  • #2379 as 7c98b4a Removed ContentParser::forceToUseParser from tests
  • #2459 as a7b3f00 Switched Travis CI integration test to use Ubuntu Trusty operating system environment
  • #2460 as 3b6e30d Made ArticleDelete restrict the pool of properties in update dispatcher
  • #2472 as 03e0b8c Added debug output to Travis CI integration tests
  • #2473 as 9f78042 Replaced isSupportedLanguage with isKnownLanguageTag to allow for any known language usage
  • #2474 as d1ba666 Fixed limit when the number of results is greater as the $smwgQMaxLimit or in $smwgQMaxInlineLimit where it is reset to the default value despite the global limitation
  • #2475 as a3499b6 Fixed behavior in case of $wgCapitalLinks = false; by restricting property name uppercase conversion to special properties only
  • #2477 as c12fec7 Fixed UpdateDispatcherJob to check for null title
  • #2478 as 681b0fc Tidyed QueryToken
  • #2481 as 7c3900f Made RequestOptions cast "int" on limit and offset
  • #2482 as 2ff92bd Added TransactionalDeferredCallableUpdate
  • #2491 as ca36069 Provided ChunkedIterator to avoid possible out of memory situations in cases where outdated entities reach a unhandable level
  • #2493 as 409025d Prevended unintended override of PropertyTablePrefix in hook
  • #2496 as fb3d604 Normalized message value arguments
  • #2500 as 3edb303 Made "Special:Browse" avoid API request on legacy setting
  • #2502 as a527bbe Provided POST purge link to avoid confirmation by users using action "purge"
  • #2512 as 86f9733 Made DataRebuilder to report progress on disposed entities
  • #2518 as a851f8d Prevended "PHP Notice: A non well formed numeric value encountered" on Title::touched
  • #2522 as 36cec82 Set a comma as default for valuesep with the "template" format
  • #2524 as 36cec82 Ensured that only marked isDeferrableUpdate can use a transactionTicket
  • #2526 as 9d3e0f2 Prevented failing test in QueryDependencyLinksStoreTest
  • #2527 as f72df04 Made BooleanValue always recognize canonical boolean string
  • #2530 as ad32a26 Made InternalParseBeforeLinks cast $smwgEnabledSpecialPage setting late
  • 2bf07c3 Removed update marker on delete event