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This document contains details about event handlers (also known as Hooks) provided by Semantic MediaWiki to enable users to extent and integrate custom specific solutions.

Implementing a hook should be made in consideration of the expected performance impact for the front-end (additional DB read/write transactions etc.) and/or the back-end (prolonged job backlog etc.) process.

List of available hooks


  • SMW::Factbox::BeforeContentGeneration to replace or amend text elements shown in a Factbox. See also $smwgFactboxUseCache settings.Use of smwShowFactbox was deprecated with 1.9
  • SMW::Job::updatePropertyJobs to add additional update jobs for a property and related subjects.Use of smwUpdatePropertySubjects was deprecated with 1.9
  • SMW::DataType::initTypes to add additional DataType support.Use of smwInitDatatypes was deprecated with 1.9
  • SMW::SQLStore::updatePropertyTableDefinitions to add additional table definitions during initialization.


  • SMW::Store::BeforeQueryResultLookupComplete to return a QueryResult object before the standard selection process is started and allows to suppress the standard selection process completely by returning false.
  • SMW::Store::AfterQueryResultLookupComplete to manipulate a QueryResult after the selection process.
  • SMW::Property::initProperties to add additional predefined properties.Use of smwInitProperties was deprecated with 2.1
  • SMW::SQLStore::BeforeDeleteSubjectComplete called before deletion of a subject is completed.
  • SMW::SQLStore::AfterDeleteSubjectComplete called after deletion of a subject is completed.
  • SMW::SQLStore::BeforeChangeTitleComplete called before change to a subject is completed.


  • SMW::Parser::BeforeMagicWordsFinder allows to extend the magic words list that the InTextAnnotationParser should search for the wikitext.


  • SMW::SQLStore::BeforeDataRebuildJobInsert to add update jobs while running the rebuild process.Use of smwRefreshDataJobs was deprecated with 2.3
  • SMW::SQLStore::AddCustomFixedPropertyTables to add fixed property table definitions
  • SMW::Browse::AfterIncomingPropertiesLookupComplete to extend the incoming properties display for Special:Browse
  • SMW::Browse::BeforeIncomingPropertyValuesFurtherLinkCreate to replace the standard SearchByProperty with a custom link to an extended list of results (return false to replace the link)
  • SMW::SQLStore::AfterDataUpdateComplete to add processing after the update has been completed and provides CompositePropertyTableDiffIterator to identify entities that have been added/removed during the update. Use of SMWSQLStore3::updateDataAfter was deprecated with 2.3


  • SMW::FileUpload::BeforeUpdate to add extra annotations before the store update is triggered



Hook allows to add extra jobs after UpdateDispatcherJob has been processed.

::register( 'SMW::Job::AfterUpdateDispatcherJobComplete', function( $job  ) {
    // Find related dependencies
    $title = $job->getTitle();
    return true;
} );


Hook allows to add extra tables after the creation process as been finalized.

::register( 'SMW::SQLStore::Installer::AfterCreateTablesComplete', function( $tableBuilder, $messageReporter ) {
    // Output details on the activity
    $messageReporter->reportMessage( '...' );
    // See documentation in the available TableBuilder interface
    $tableBuilder->create( ... );
    return true;
} );


Hook allows to remove extra tables after the drop process as been finalized.

::register( 'SMW::SQLStore::Installer::AfterDropTablesComplete', function( $tableBuilder, $messageReporter ) {
    // Output details on the activity
    $messageReporter->reportMessage( '...' );
    // See documentation in the available TableBuilder interface
    $tableBuilder->drop( ... );
    return true;
} );

Other available hooks

Subsequent hooks should be renamed to follow a common naming practice that help distinguish them from other hook providers. In any case this list needs details and examples.

  • SMWExportController, smwAddToRDFExport (SMW::Exporter::AfterRdfExportComplete)
  • SMWParamFormat, SMWResultFormat
  • \SMW\Store, SMWStore::updateDataBefore (SMW::Store::BeforeDataUpdateComplete)
  • \SMW\Store, SMWStore::updateDataAfter (SMW::Store::AfterDataUpdateComplete)
  • SMWSQLStore3Writers, SMWSQLStore3::updateDataBefore (SMW::SQLStore::BeforeDataUpdateComplete)