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Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.2

Released on May 17, 2017.


  • #2449 as 8783268 Made property pages show the source name of the redirect (synonym) without a DisplayTitle formatter
  • Many new translations for numerous languages by the communtity of

Bug fixes and internal code changes

  • #2413 as 313d08e Enforced NO_DEPENDENCY_TRACE on queries with namespace NS_SPECIAL
  • #2426 as 595efea Removed duplicate entry for $smwgFulltextSearchPropertyExemptionList
  • #2434 as bb6ef9a Made ParserAfterTidy to check "readOnly" mode
  • #2438 as ba2c6e7 Made ArticlePurge add a safeguard to flush query result cache
  • #2444 as 8c9c4c3 Fixed NamespaceManager to avoid reset of user settings
  • #2446 as 6697da4 Added safeguard against duplicate ID creation
  • #2448 as 60cd466 Added usage of forcedUpdate on redirect jobs
  • #2450 as 4adfd2d Fixed QueryDependencyLinksStore to avoid ORDER BY/GROUP BY on select
  • #2451 as 8a9bef2 Fixed "ext.smw.dataItem.time.js" to construct a UTC date object
  • #2457 as 5619b55 Fixed JulianDay values to use a consistent format
  • #2463 as 3f7f47e Made SMWSql3SmwIds set legacy cache only on success