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Author & Contributors

The author of the Chameleon skin is Stephan Gambke.

However, significant portions of code were contributed by James Hong Kong.

Translations have been provided by the members of the project.

The "Chameleon Skin Logo" was derived from the "Chameleon free icon" made by Freepik from, which is licensed under CC BY 3.0. The "Chameleon Skin Logo" itself was created by Stephan Gambke and is licensed under CC BY 3.0 as well.

Included libraries

The following libraries are included:

  • Sticky-kit, which provides an easy way to attach elements to the page when the user scrolls such that the element is always visible. Author: Leaf Corcoran


The Chameleon skin uses several other libraries. These, while not included directly in, nor delivered with the code, are pulled in automatically by the Composer tool during installation. These are:


To all the above people and projects my sincere thanks. This skin would not be possible without them.

If I forgot somebody, sorry. Please drop me a note, so I can add them here.