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EmbedVideo\AudioTransformOutput Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($file, $parameters)
 toHtml ($options=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaTransformOutput
 getWidth ()
 getHeight ()
 getFile ()
 getExtension ()
 getUrl ()
 getStoragePath ()
 setStoragePath ($storagePath)
 toHtml ($options=[])
 isError ()
 hasFile ()
 fileIsSource ()
 getLocalCopyPath ()
 streamFileWithStatus ($headers=[])
 streamFile ($headers=[])
 getDescLinkAttribs ($title=null, $params=[])

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from MediaTransformOutput
 $responsiveUrls = []
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaTransformOutput
 linkWrap ($linkAttribs, $contents)
- Protected Attributes inherited from MediaTransformOutput
 $storagePath = false

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EmbedVideo\AudioTransformOutput::__construct (   $file,

Main Constructor


arrayParameters for constructing HTML.

Member Function Documentation

EmbedVideo\AudioTransformOutput::toHtml (   $options = [])

Fetch HTML for this transform output


array$optionsAssociative array of options. Boolean options should be indicated with a value of true for true, and false or absent for false.

alt Alternate text or caption desc-link Boolean, show a description link file-link Boolean, show a file download link custom-url-link Custom URL to link to custom-title-link Custom Title object to link to valign vertical-align property, if the output is an inline element img-class Class applied to the "<img>" tag, if there is such a tag

For images, desc-link and file-link are implemented as a click-through. For sounds and videos, they may be displayed in other ways.

string HTML

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