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Installation, Update, De-Installation


Further required software packages will be installed automatically. It is not necessary to install any dependencies anymore. Composer will take care of that.

(*) To use the *Html* component in custom layouts you need at least PHP 5.3.6.


If unsure try the detailed installation instructions for Windows or Linux.

Here is the short version:

  1. On a command line go to your MediaWiki installation directory
  2. Open the composer.local.json file in an editor and add the Chameleon skin to the require section: ``` "require": { "mediawiki/chameleon-skin": "~1.0" } ``
    • Remark 1: If you do not have acomposer.local.json<tt>file (MediaWiki <1.25), usecomposer.json` instead.
    • Remark 2: If you do not have a composer.json file (MediaWiki <1.23.5), copy composer.json.example to composer.json first.
  1. With Composer installed, run composer update "mediawiki/chameleon-skin"
  2. To set Chameleon as the default skin, open LocalSettings.php in an editor, find $wgDefaultSkin and amend it: `$wgDefaultSkin='chameleon';`
  3. Done: Navigate to Special:Version on your wiki to verify that the skin is successfully installed.

If you run into problems, try the troubleshooting.


From your MediaWiki installation directory run composer update "mediawiki/chameleon-skin"


Before de-installation make sure you secure (move, backup) any custom files you might want to retain.

Remove the Chameleon skin from the composer.local.json file. Then run composer update "mediawiki/chameleon-skin" from the MediaWiki installation directory.