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Select2 Documentation

This repository holds the latest documentation for Select2.

What is this?

The documentation is automatically extracted from the docs directory at the Select2 source repository. This is done periodically by the maintainers of Select2.

How can I fix an issue in these docs?

If you are reading this from the source repository, within the docs directory, then you're already in the right place. You can fork the source repository, commit your changes, and then make a pull request and it will be reviewed.

If you are reading this from the documentation repository, you are in the wrong place. Pull requests made directly to the documentation repository will be ignored and eventually closed, so don't do that.

How can I build these docs manually?

In the main Select2 repository, you can build the documentation by executing

```bash grunt docs ```

Which will start up the documentation on port 4000. You will need Jekyll installed to build the documentation.