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Workaround for browser bugs in Range.prototype.getClientRects and Range.prototype.getBoundingClientRect.

In particular:

  • A Chrome bug which results in selections spanning multiple nodes returning rects for all the parents of the endContainer. See This bug was fixed in Chrome 55.
  • A similar bug in Firefox but only triggered with images near the edge of a node.
  • A regression in Chrome 55 where images get no rectangle when they are wrapped in a node and you select across them.
  • A bug in IE (<=10) which results in scaled rectangles when using the browser's zoom feature.


Include the rangefix.js library in your project.

Replace instances of Range.prototype.getClientRects/getBoundingClientRect with RangeFix.getClientRects/getBoundingClientRect:

```javascript range = document.getSelection().getRangeAt( 0 );

// Before rects = range.getClientRects(); boundingRect = range.getBoundingClientRect();

// After rects = RangeFix.getClientRects( range ); boundingRect = RangeFix.getBoundingClientRect( range ); ```