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SPDX licenses list and validation library.

Originally written as part of composer/composer, now extracted and made available as a stand-alone library.

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Install the latest version with:

```bash $ composer require composer/spdx-licenses ```

Basic Usage

```php <?php

use Composer;

$licenses = new SpdxLicenses();

// get a license by identifier $licenses->getLicenseByIdentifier('MIT');

// get a license exception by identifier $licenses->getExceptionByIdentifier('Autoconf-exception-3.0');

// get a license identifier by name $licenses->getIdentifierByName('MIT License');

// check if a license is OSI approved by identifier $licenses->isOsiApprovedByIdentifier('MIT');

// check if input is a valid SPDX license expression $licenses->validate($input); ```

Read the specifications to find out more about valid license expressions.


  • PHP 5.3.2 is required but using the latest version of PHP is highly recommended.


composer/spdx-licenses is licensed under the MIT License, see the LICENSE file for details.


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