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SFFormEditAction Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getName ()
 show ()
 execute ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Action
 getContext ()
 getRequest ()
 getOutput ()
 getUser ()
 getSkin ()
 getLanguage ()
 getTitle ()
 msg ($key)
 __construct (Page $page, IContextSource $context=null)
 getName ()
 getRestriction ()
 requiresWrite ()
 requiresUnblock ()
 addHelpLink ($to, $overrideBaseUrl=false)
 show ()
 doesWrites ()

Static Public Member Functions

static displayTab ($obj, &$content_actions)
static displayTab2 ($obj, &$links)
static displayFormChooser ($output, $title)
static displayForm ($action, $article)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Action
static factory ($action, Page $page, IContextSource $context=null)
static getActionName (IContextSource $context)
static exists ($name)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Action
 checkCanExecute (User $user)
 setHeaders ()
 getPageTitle ()
 getDescription ()
 useTransactionalTimeLimit ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from Action

Member Function Documentation

static SFFormEditAction::displayForm (   $action,

The function called if we're in index.php (as opposed to one of the special pages)

static SFFormEditAction::displayTab (   $obj,

Adds an "action" (i.e., a tab) to edit the current article with a form

static SFFormEditAction::displayTab2 (   $obj,

Like displayTab(), but called with a different hook - this one is called for the 'Vector' skin, and some others.

SFFormEditAction::execute ( )

Execute the action in a silent fashion: do not display anything or release any errors.

Bool whether execution was successful
SFFormEditAction::getName ( )

Return the name of the action this object responds to

String lowercase
SFFormEditAction::show ( )

The main action entry point. Do all output for display and send it to the context output. Do not use globals $wgOut, $wgRequest, etc, in implementations; use $this->getOutput(), etc.


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