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Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.4

Released on August 7, 2017.


  • #2547 as b527e3c Added type parser-html to JSONScript testing to allow assertions on HTML structure
  • Many new translations for numerous languages by the communtity of

Bug fixes and internal code changes

  • #2563 as f17f90f Made 'HtmlValidator' check for 'CssSelectorConverter'
  • #2568 as c8d6718 Made each parameter of the template calls created by the template format start on a new line
  • #2579 as 39b074b Fixed class 'SMW\DataItemException' not found
  • #2590 as 61ea7e0 SECURITY Made "Special:SemanticMediaWiki" ("Special:SMWAdmin") to check 'wpEditToken'