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RawMessage Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($text, $params=[])
 fetchMessage ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Message
 __construct ($key, $params=[], Language $language=null)
 serialize ()
 unserialize ($serialized)
 isMultiKey ()
 getKeysToTry ()
 getKey ()
 getParams ()
 getFormat ()
 getLanguage ()
 getTitle ()
 params ()
 rawParams ()
 numParams ()
 durationParams ()
 expiryParams ()
 timeperiodParams ()
 sizeParams ()
 bitrateParams ()
 plaintextParams ()
 setContext (IContextSource $context)
 inLanguage ($lang)
 inContentLanguage ()
 setInterfaceMessageFlag ($interface)
 useDatabase ($useDatabase)
 title ($title)
 content ()
 toString ($format=null)
 __toString ()
 parse ()
 text ()
 plain ()
 parseAsBlock ()
 escaped ()
 exists ()
 isBlank ()
 isDisabled ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Message
static newFromKey ($key)
static newFromSpecifier ($value)
static newFallbackSequence ()
static rawParam ($raw)
static numParam ($num)
static durationParam ($duration)
static expiryParam ($expiry)
static timeperiodParam ($period)
static sizeParam ($size)
static bitrateParam ($bitrate)
static plaintextParam ($plaintext)
static listParam (array $list, $type= 'text')
- Public Attributes inherited from Message
const FORMAT_PLAIN = 'plain'
const FORMAT_BLOCK_PARSE = 'block-parse'
const FORMAT_PARSE = 'parse'
const FORMAT_TEXT = 'text'
const FORMAT_ESCAPED = 'escaped'
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Message
 replaceParameters ($message, $type= 'before', $format)
 extractParam ($param, $format)
 parseText ($string)
 transformText ($string)
 fetchMessage ()
 formatPlaintext ($plaintext, $format)
 formatListParam (array $params, $listType, $format)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Message
 $interface = true
 $language = false
 $parameters = []
 $format = 'parse'
 $useDatabase = true
 $title = null
 $content = null
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Message
static $listTypeMap

Detailed Description

Variant of the Message class.

Rather than treating the message key as a lookup value (which is passed to the MessageCache and translated as necessary), a RawMessage key is treated as the actual message.

All other functionality (parsing, escaping, etc.) is preserved.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RawMessage::__construct (   $text,
  $params = [] 

Call the parent constructor, then store the key as the message.

See Also
string$textMessage to use.
array$paramsParameters for the message.

Member Function Documentation

RawMessage::fetchMessage ( )

Fetch the message (in this case, the key).


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